Monday Night Raw:


As soon as Raw came on the air, my theme came on to some booing.

I came walking from the stage, a determined look on my face as I headed towards the ring.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw!" Cole exclaimed.

"Yeah and we are starting huge tonight with divas action," Jerry said, "I can't wait!"

"And we are being joined by two special guests here on commentary..."

Summer interrupted Cole, "You mean one special guest, Michael."

"Well I'm going to guess that you can't count considering I'm here to," AJ commented.

"Well those are the voices of Summer Rae and AJ Lee, who are going to be joining us for this match up," Cole said.

I rolled into the ring and went right over to stare at the two girls at commentary as Paige's music came on.

"These four ladies are going to be competing at Summerslam, but tonight we have got singles competition," Cole said.

"And next week on Raw, you two will actually be going one on one," Jerry said.

"Yeah, it should be a pretty short match," AJ said, "Much shorter then this one, because these two are actually pretty even as far as in ring ability."

"Yeah, this is a great match up," Cole said.

Paige climbed in the ring and skipped past me to wave to AJ.

"She's crazy just like you, AJ," Summer said in amusement.

AJ rolled her head, "You should know to tread lightly when I'm sitting so near to you."

The ref rang the bell and the two of us started to circle before we locked up. I allowed Paige to put me in a headlock, which I quickly grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm around.

"Both these women are very technical, so this should be interesting," AJ commented.

Paige rolled over so her arm wasn't twisted anymore before she came from behind me and rolled me into a pin.

"Looking for a quick win!" Cole exclaimed until I kicked out.

Paige ran right back and rolled me into a small package, but I kicked out at about one before she pinned me again well I was in my back.

"It's going to take more then that Paige!" JBL shouted.

I used my strength in my legs to lift both of us up as I tried to spun us around to get us so I could go for the pin, but she rolled us right around and pinned me again.

I kicked out at two and right away rolled out if the ring as Paige tried to get me again.

Holy crap, I thought as I stared at Paige from outside the ring.

The crowd clapped for Paige as she waved for me to get back in the ring.

"I think Paige had caught Gabby by surprise a little bit," Cole said.

"I believe this is the first time these two have ever gone one on one," Jerry mentioned.

"I think it's easy to underestimate Paige," AJ said, "I did and you saw what happened to me."

I took a deep breath as I tried to get refocused.

"Back her up, ref!" I yelled.

The ref did as I said and as soon as he got in front of her and I rolled in the ring I ran towards her and slammed her in the face with a superkick.

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