Before Smackdown:

I was walking down the hallway with my suitcase in tow. My hair was down in its normal wavy red. I had on a black leather jacket, blue shirt, jeans and black leather boots.

"Wait!" someone called from behind me. I turned around to see Brie and Bryan walking up. I prepared myself, I hadn't talked to Bryan in a while and when I had, it had been very awkward. I wanted that bond I had with my brother back.

Brie reached me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and released her. Bryan smiled at me and pulled me into a hug.

I backed off and grabbed my bag, we started to talk and walk at the same time, "How have you been?" Brie asked.

I shrug, "I don't know, tonight's going to suck, but at least the Shield can be in my corner tonight."

Bryan chuckles, "You honestly think that The Shield are going to try to help you against Randy Orton," I don't answer, so he continues, "Gabby, they work with the authority."

"I know," I say. Did I think The Shield would pick me over Randy. The truth is, I did. Bryan wouldn't understand though. Brie might a little more, but she would still think differently, "But I am a member of the Shield now, so don't you think they would protect me some what?"

"I agree with you, actually," Brie points to me, "but ya never know, they could just stand at ringside and watch."

"I guess," I mutter.

Bryan stops, "Here's where I go. I want to talk to you before you leave," he taps my shoulder.

"Alright, good luck tonight," I give him a hug and Brie gives him a kiss before we go our separate ways.

We don't talk until we reach the divas locker room. I go in first and Brie follows. Nikki is there talking, talking to Nattie in her ring gear. Naomi and Cameron both have their ring gear on and are talking to Eva and JoJo. I'm glad to see none of the other divas their, although I like Kaitlyn. That brawl last week was crazy.

"Hey, girls," Cameron greets as I lift my bag up and pull my combat boots out.

"You don't need to get your ring gear on, by the way. I'm going against Alicia for Main Event," Nikki tells Brie.

Brie nods, "Alright, I'll just wear this then," she motions to her black dress that showed her belly.

I pulled out my black pants and fingerless gloves out before pulling out a Shield shirt. I had cut it so that it was above my belly bottom and the sides were tied.

Eva grinned at me, "I like the shirt."

"Thanks," I say, "I hate wearing the vest when I wrestle, so the Shield will just have to deal with it."

"I'm sure them and every other guy will be fine by it," Eva assured as the divas laughed.

I shook my head and took my jacket off. I changed into my gear and sat down to lace up my boots.

"By the way, speaking of the Shield," Nikki looked at me, "What is up with the twitter war Dean is having with Andy?"

I finished tying my black boot, "What are you talking about?" I ask.

"You haven't seen it yet?" Nikki looked shocked, but waved me over, "Take a look."

I walked over and grabbed her phone and started scrolling through them:

Dean tweets: 'I know I don't tweet much, but thanks to @gabbybryan for taking a chokeslam for me. Now I guess I owe you... right.'

Andy tweets: 'Pathetic that @thedeanambrose made Gabby take a shot for him. I would have taken a gun for her.'

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