Monday Night Raw:

I was so nervous to see Brie. I was literally shaking. How would she react after last night?

I thought this well I stood next to do the door of the divas locker room, trying to convince myself to open it, Maybe she'll have forgotten about it.

I finally did. I peeked my head in and saw all the divas look at me. Nikki was talking with the funkadactyls and JoJo was showing something to Natalya on her phone. Brie wasn't in there.

I fully emerged, "Hey, girls."

"Hey, did you get to the hotel OK?" Nikki asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, the guys gave me a ride."

"Good," Nikki breathes.

"Where's Brie?" I asked as I started pulling my Shield attire out.

"I don't know," Nikki shrugged, then looked at the Funkadactyls.

"I haven't seen her yet," Naomi said.

"She might just be running late," JoJo suggested, putting her phone away.

"She seemed pretty mad last night after you left," Nattie looked up at me.

"Wait, what happened?" JoJo asked since she hadn't been there.

I kind of blanked them out as I pulled my ring gear on. Tonight, I was wearing my normal black pants and boots, along with my own customized Shield shirt. It was all black with gray lettering that was zigzagged saying, Shields girl,' the back said '#believeintheshield'

"Changing the subject," Nikki said when I grabbed my fingerless gloves and started strapping them on, "Did you ask him yet?"

"What Dean?" Nikki nodded, "Yes, he's coming."

"Man I wish I could be there," Nikki said.

"Why, so you can see Andy and Dean have a fight to the death over Gabby," Cameron chuckled.

I shook my head, "Their will be no fighting."

"You actually believe that?" Natalya asked.

"Their not going to fight at all, verbally or physically, ok," I finished putting my gloves on.

"Alright, but you have to promise to tell us what happens, ok," Nikki said

"Sure, why not."

I tweet: 'It's time to serve some justice #raw #houndsofjustice


"Seth, don't let him tag in!" I yelled from ringside. The Shield were taking on The Rhodes and Rey Mysterio. The Shield had taken control, but now Rey was close to making a tag. Seth was trying to come back over.

I watched nervously as Cody got tagged in. Seth tagged Dean in. Cody hit Dean with a dropkick and started slamming him with clothesline. Cody picked Dean up and hit a Alabama slam.

"Come on Dean, kick out!" I yelled, but Dean didn't have to, because Roman broke the pin up.

Rey tried to take Roman out, but got hit with a spear. Golddust ran from behind, but got hit with a spear as well. Cody was able to get Roman out of the ring.

Seth ran over to Cody, but caught in a cross Rhodes position. Dean came from behind and hit Cody with his DDT before pinning him for the win.

"Yes!" I exclaimed as I rolled in the ring.

I high fived Seth, who was really pumped up. I squeaked in surprise when Dean came from behind me and lifted me on one of his shoulders. I giggled as I held my hands up.

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