It was about ten o'clock at night when I made it back to the hotel. It was about eleven at night now as I was waiting for Dean to come back to the hotel room.

I looked at my phone again. Nothing.

I sighed and started typing a phone number into the phone.

"Hello?" the woman at the other end said

"Hey, Brie," I said.

"Hey, it's late, why are you calling me so late?" she asked.

I sighed, "I don't know. Dean still isn't back from the arena yet."

"Really?" Brie asked, "When did you last see him?"

"The last time I saw him is when he walked right by me after his little encounter with Bray," I told her.

"Are you sure something didn't happen?" Brie asked.

"I don't know," I muttered.

The moment I said it, I heard a knock on the hotel room door.

"I have to go, someone's knocking," I told her.

"Ok, good luck," Brie said.

I hung up and tossed my phone on the night stand before I walked over to the door.

I opened it and felt relieved when I saw Dean standing there.

"Where were you?" I asked him when he walked past me.

"At the arena," Dean said as he slowly sat on the bed.

I went over to sit next to him, "Did something happen?"

Dean sighed. "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

I raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean don't worry? Why wouldn't I worry if something happened to you?"

"Listen, I've got it under control," Dean said back.

I leaned my head on my hand and looked over at him, "Your being so distant to me right now."

Dean looked over at me.

"It's like ever since you started this whole feud with Bray you've been acting really weird," I said.

Dean shook his head, "I just don't want you to get involved with it."

"I don't have to get completely involved with it to talk to you about it," I said, "I'm trying to help, you don't need to block me out like you are right now. I'm trying to help."

"I know," Dean muttered, "And I'm sorry if I'm seeming to block you out, but this is just something I need to do on my own."

"And I understand that and like I said I'm not getting involved in any of it, but I'm still trying to support you," I said.

"So, what happened?" I asked.

Dean sighed again, "Bray attacked me backstage."

I whipped my head at him, "Are you sure your OK."

"Yeah, he didn't do much," Dean said.

"This is starting to get out of control," I muttered, running a hand through my hair.

"Hey, don't worry about me," Dean said, "You have your match at Survivor Series and I know how important this match is not only for you, but for the entire roster. You have the chance to get rid of the authority for good. I'll be fine."

I smiled softly at him,"Alright, but if you ever need to talk to me about something, just know that I'm a good listener."

"Yeah?" Dean asked.

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