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The lights turned black. I knew what was coming. Fear prickled in my stomach. I didn't know where anyone was, but I didn't want to be caught alone. I knew Dean would probably be in the ring. I slid in and walked towards the center until I felt someone's arm. A hand slid into mine as my heart pounded in my chest.

The lights came back on and I saw that Dean had my hand. Seth was beside Dean as well, "Oh my god," Seth muttered as he tried getting Dean up. He was looking at something behind him. I slowly turned around.

The Wyatts

Monday Night Raw: Continued

As soon as I saw them, I got to my feet. I thought about abandoning the guys, but something inside me told me I couldn't. I started to help Seth get Dean up.

CM Punk ran forward and pushed all of us. Dean and I fell to the side well Seth ran right into Harper. Harper pushed him aside.

"You OK?" Dean whispered, "You're squeezing the life from my hand."

"Sorry," I released his hand and pulled it to my side.

I turned back to Seth and saw he was stalking to Harper, "You think you can push me around!" Seth yelled in his face.

"Dean, peacemaker alert," I said.

Dean got up and walked over to Seth. He held him back with one arm, "Calm down," he muttered, then turned to the Wyatts, "Why are you here?"

I was surprised that Luke spoke, "That's none of your business, you lunatic."

Wow, Luke Harper has the guts to call Dean a lunatic?

"It's my business when you interfere in our match!" Dean replied.

"Yeah, we had them taken care of. Now, go!" Seth yelled.

They started completely going off on each other. At one point, Luke shoved Dean's arm, which got Dean really mad. Seth tried to play peacemaker this time as he held him back.

"What a fight this going to be!" JBL exclaimed at ringside.

"They're not going to fight," Jerry mumbled.

Seth started backing Dean away. Suddenly, Dean broke away from him and went after Harper well Eric started attacking Seth. The crowd exploded and yes chants started to fill the arena.

"This is awesome! This is awesome!" JBL exclaimed.

I slid out of the ring near the ramp to get out of the way. I felt my back hit something and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Deep down, I prayed that it was anyone, but him. Of course, life has a way of saying screw you.

I turned my head and Bray Wyatt was standing right there. I backed away from him and put my hands up, "Stay away from me!"

I hit the apron. Bray walked forward and started running his hand through my hair. This caused me to freeze and even if I wanted to, I couldn't get away. Bray suddenly stopped and I sighed with relief when I saw Roman had grabbed him. I backed off.

"Get your ass's out!" Roman yelled at him.

Bray punched him under the chin and Roman returned it with a knee to the gut. Roman pushed him in the ring and started getting Luke and Eric away from the other two. All six men got to there feet and yes chants were probably heard from miles away. They faced each other. Bray held his followers back as Dean, Seth and Roman glared across the ring at them.

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