Money in the Bank Pre Show:


Byron Saxton appeared on the screen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Seth Rollins."

Seth Rollins appeared with a huge smile on his face. He patted Byron's back, "Hey Byron."

"Hey, Seth," Byron said, "I just wanted to get your thoughts on your match tonight."

Seth nodded, "I'm confident," he said, "I've never been more confident in my entire life."

"What about Dean Ambrose?" Byron asked, "How do you think he will react after what you did to Gabby on Friday Night Smackdown?"

Seth turned to him slowly, "How is my little sister doing, by the way?" he chuckled to himself, "She seemed pretty surprised last week."

"In the case of Dean Ambrose," he continued, "I'm not worried at all about him. Their was a reason that I was named the architect of the Shield. As long as I can see him, he won't be a problem, because everyone knows that I could run circles around Dean Ambrose when it came down to it."

Seth smiled to himself, "And tonight, Dean Ambrose is going to find out what happens when you mess with me."


Renee was standing by.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she started, "Dean Ambrose."

Dean appeared at her side, tapping his shoulder with his fingers angrily.

"Dean," Renee said, "I wanted to ask you your thoughts on what happened to Gabby and how is she doing."

"Seth Rollins thought he was smart targeting Gabby," Dean said loudly, "Seth Rollins made a huge mistake on Friday. He crossed the line! He had to make this personal!"

Dean took a deep breath before continuing, "I didn't expect Seth to recruit Andy," Dean ran a hand through his hair, "Seth, not even I thought you could sink that low!"

"Andy should be happy that I wasn't their," Dean muttered, "And if he ever thinks of showing up to Raw when I am their, I am going to do to him what he did to me six months ago and trust me, it won't be quick! I am going to make him suffer!"

Renee raised the microphone back to her lips, "What about Gabby?"

Dean didn't answer. He just walked away.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Money in the bank, contract ladder match!" Lillian announced.

"Here we go, guys," Jerry said.

Seth's music hit right away as he appeared at the stage, a huge smile on his face.

"Introducing first, from Davenport, Iowa, Seth Rollins!" Lillian announced.

"Here he comes guys," Cole muttered.

"My pick to win," JBL said.

"JBL even you disagreed what Seth Rollins did to Gabby on Friday," Cole said, "That was completely over the line."

"In my opinion it was a little over the line, but that's why Seth did, he's smart," JBL said.

"I don't know if it's to smart," Jerry mumbled, "He might have just made Dean Ambrose angrier."

RVD started heading to the ring next.

"A former money in the bank winner," Cole commented.

"The first ever man to hold the WWE and ECW championship and he helped to accomplish that with that money in the bank," JBL said, "That contract almost guarantees you will be WWE World Heavyweight champion. That's how important this match is."

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