I had just landed in New Jersey for Raw. That's right, Raw. I repeated, I was going to be on Raw tonight.

I put my sunglasses on as I waited for Dean to come pick me up. We were going to go to the show early to finalize my contract.

I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes, "Guess who?"

A huge smile came on my face, "Hmmmm.......... I don't know."

The hands were removed from my face. I got up just as Dean came walking in front of me.

"Come here, you," Dean said as he pulled me into a kiss.

I laughed lightly as I pulled away, "Lets go."

Dean led me over to where he was parked. I put my luggage in the trunk before I got in the passengers seat next to him.

"So, how is the WWE's newest diva doing?" Dean asked.

"Never better," I said, "I'm so excited for tonight."

"Do you know what you're doing tonight?" he asked me.

"No idea, but I want to make a big impact," I commented, "But I need to talk to Vince about it all first."

"Well, when do we need to be at the arena?" Dean asked.

"I was thinking we could go after we drop all our stuff off at the hotel and get all the stuff we need for the night," I commented.

"Ok, lets do it," Dean said in agreement.

Monday Night Raw:


I looked out the window as Dean pulled into the arena parking lot. The nervousness instantly came into my stomach as Dean stopped the car.

Dean squeezed my shoulder, "You ready, babe."

I took a deep breath, "Yeah, lets do this."

The two of us opened the door at the same time and climbed out. We both gathered up our suitcases. Dean grabbed my hand and led me towards the front door.

The hallways were almost completely empty other than the people that were setting up the arena. Vince's office wasn't far away as we reached the door. I instantly knocked.

It was only a few seconds when Vince answered, a huge smile on his face, "Hello, come in."

"Thank you," I said as I followed him in, Dean right behind me.

"Take a seat," Vince said as he started going through one of his drawers.

I sat down as Dean sat next to me. Dean started looking around the office.

"So, did you talk to Triple H or Stephanie about this?" I asked Vince.

"Not yet," Vince said as he pulled a yellow envelope from his drawer and opened it.

Perfect, I thought.

"Here we are," Vince slid a pen towards me, "Just go ahead and look through it."

I started flipping through it with narrowed eyes. I wanted to make sure everything was there.

"Alright, it looks good," I said with a smile.

"Sign it," Dean said.

"Ok," I said as I grabbed the pen. I placed the tip of the pen on the paper before I swiftly put my signature on it.

"Excellent," Vince said as he took the contract back.

"So, do you know what I'm doing tonight?" I questioned.

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