My eyes flickered open and I sat up from my makeshift bed on the floor. I looked on the bed to see Dean, not their, which wasn't surprising. I did not want to talk to any Shield members right now. After my little out burst on Dean, I had a feeling he would be pretty upset. I would have to keep a low profile.

I threw the blankets off my lap and got onto my feet. I grabbed my suitcase and took some clothes from it and slowly opened the door, trying not to make any noise. The door creaked a bit and I peered out of the small crack. Roman was still sleeping on the couch, but other then that, no one was in sight.

I rushed across the hotel room and opened the bathroom door and set my clothes on the counter. I showered and dressed into my clothes, jeans and a sweatshirt and put some light make up on.

I took a deep breath and opened the door to see if anyone was their. Seth and Roman were at the table talking, no Dean. They wouldn't let him kill me.

I opened the door completely and sat down next to Seth.

"Mornin," Roman greeted.

" Good Morning," I muttered, "Wheres Dean?"

Seth chuckled, "You should have seen him last night, he was pissed."

"Yeah, I know. Where is he now?"

"Haven't seen him yet," Roman answered.

Seth started laughing, "He is going to kill you."

"Not if you two don't let him," I raised an eyebrow.

"Nope, you're on your own," Roman said smiling.

"Oh come on. I'm not much use to you or Triple H when I'm dead," I persuaded.

Both boys looked at each other, "Ok, we won't let him kill you, but we might let him smack you around a bit," Seth decided.

I made a pouty face and got myself some coffee. I was glad that the two were in a good mood. I was expecting Seth to be mad at me for costing him his match, but he looked like his happy self. Roman looked all big and mean, but he had a smile on his face. Why couldn't Dean be like that?

I turned my head when I heard the door open and Dean came walking in. He noticed me and sat down next to me.

They table became completely quiet as I played with my coffee straw nervously.

Then, without warning, Dean slapped the back of my head, not hard, but with half effort put in, "That was for yesterday," Dean said.

"Owwy, you bully," I whimpered, it obviously being fake.

"At least you're still alive. Normally you'd be dead," Dean commented, taking a drink of my coffee without asking.

"Thanks for asking," I told him, before taking a drink.

Dean ignored me, "So, you guys ready for Smackdown tonight?"

Before any of them could answer, I said, "Who are you guys facing?"

"Don't know yet, but we are prepared to leave a mark of justice."

Sorry it was so short. Next one will be much longer.

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