I rolled my suitcase into the Divas locker room. I started pulling my Shield gear out.

"Hey, girl, don't come in here all quiet," Cameron said.

I chuckled, "Sorry, it's just weird being back to work, that's all."

"How was your Christmas?" Naomi, the other diva present, asked.

"Terrible," I muttered as I pulled on my Shield Shirt on. It had Shield written in bold white letters on the front and on the back it said: '#Shieldsgirl'.

"It couldn't have been that bad," Naomi argued.

I shrugged, "Something's were really bad, something's were really good."

The door swung open and Nikki poked her head in, "Guys, Stephanie wants to see all the divas."
"Ok," Naomi said.

"Joy," I said sarcastically as I tied my last boot on as quick as possible. I grabbed my fingerless gloves before the four of us walked together.

I pulled my last glove on as we walked into Talent Relations. The other divas were already their, a few in chairs and a few standing. Stephanie and Mark were both standing in front of them. I spotted AJ and Tamina standing, almost hidden in a corner.

"Hello Gabby," Stephanie said, giving me a fake smile.

"Hello," My smile was just as fake. I sat down near the back next to Nattie.

"How was everyone's holidays?" Stephanie asked.

Their were a few greats and goods. I stayed quiet.

"Now, as you guys know the Royal Rumble is in a few weeks," Mark said, "And we have yet to announce a Divas match, more specifically for the Divas title."

I glanced at AJ and saw her hug her title against her chest.

"So, we are going to give you an opportunity for all of you to grasp hold of that brass ring and get an opportunity at the title," Stephanie said, "So, tonight we are going to be having a Divas battle royal to determine who will face AJ at the Royal Rumble pay per view."

All the divas smiled, Finally, here's the chance I've been waiting for.

"So we want to wish you all good luck," Mark said.

"Thank you!" some of the divas exclaimed.

I stayed silent as I walked out, trying not to leap for joy. I separately from the other divas.

I knocked before entering the Shields locker room, "Wheres Seth and Roman?" I asked Dean as I sat next to him.

Dean shrugged, "I don't know," he ran his fingers down my cheek, "I think they went to catering or something."

I laid my head on his chest, "Good," I whispered, closing my eyes.

"I told Triple H about my thing," Dean commented as he started combing my hair with his fingers.

"What did he have to say?"

"Nothing really," Dean said, "Whats new with you?"

"I have a very important match tonight," I looked up at him, "It's a number one contenders match to face AJ at the Royal Rumble."

"Who's it against."

"Battle royal, but I know that I can do it," I said.

"I know you can," Dean kissed me and pulled away. I grabbed his cheek and brought him back. Dean smiled as he ran his tongue along my lips, begging for entrance. I allowed it.

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