I smiled with excitement as the security guard checked my pass and I hurried backstage. The sights around me flooded me with memories, but that was the past. This was now.

-They didn't want you, get over it,- I thought as I continued along the hallway, trying not to speak to every superstar or diva that walked past.

"Where is he," I muttered outloud, taking time to straighten my Daniel Bryan shirt. With it I wore regular blue jeans and black converse.

Most girls liked to wear dresses and high heels, but to say the least, I wasn't a normal girl. I never wore anything dressy, except for special occasions and I wore as little make up as possible.

I took sometime to look at myself in a mirror. I had curly, red hair that lay loosely at my side. Neither my mother, nor father had red hair, so I didn't know how I got it, but it was their nonetheless. My eyes were hazel and I was probably a little more muscular then the normal person my size. Even as muscular as I was, I was one of the only I knew that could do a full backflip standing up.


My attention snapped back into reality when I heard a voice from across the room. I smiled when I saw the familiar brown hair and beard.

"There you are!" I exclaimed, walking over and giving her big brother a hug.

I was happy to see my brothers normal smile. I had been expecting him to be all bummed out about what had happened last night at Summerslam.

Basically, my brother had won the WWE championship by defeating John Cena. I still remembered screaming yes at the top of my lungs over and over again, but it hadn't lasted long. Triple H(the COO, who had played the "special" guest referee) pedigreed him, which would lead to Randy Orton winning the champion. Lots of disappointment last night for the Bryans.

"I watched Summerslam last night, your match was awesome," probably not the best time to mention it, but oh well.

"Thanks," Daniel replied, his facing showing nothing.

I quickly changed the subject, "sooooo, any new wrestlers I get to meet?"

I hadn't gone to a lot of wrestling events to see my brother in about a year, so the locker room had a few more additions to it. I was excited to meet new people and excited to see familiar faces.

Daniel chucked, "Probably no one you want to meet."

I thought for a moment, "Well, their is..... Fandango."

"Good luck with becoming friends with the dancing queen." He commented, smiling.

"The Wyatts?"

"One word, creepy."

"Fair enough..... How about the Shield?"

Daniel glanced over at Gabby, "I wouldn't want to talk to them if I were you. They're some pretty bad dudes."

"Oh please, just, because they fight three on one doesn't mean I would be scared of them," I answered.

Daniel shrugged, "Ok, but I warned you."

I rolled her my eyes at him.

"Is that you Gabby!" Someone said from across the hall.

"Speaking of warning...." Daniel started before I got tackled by one twin, then another.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. I had to admitting, I was excited to see them.

"It's so great to see you," Brie exclaimed. Nikki standing right next to her.

"Yeah, it has been a while," I commented, "But I have been watching you on Total Divas."

"I don't know if I like the sound of that," Daniel added, making them chuckle.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she won't make fun of anything you did on their, right Gabby?" Brie stared me down.

I shrugged, "I don't know about that."

Brie laughed, "Same old Gabby."

Nikki giggled, "Anyways, enough about us. How is college going?"

I smiled. I was currently working on my second year of collage and was pretty happy with myself. I was working to be a teacher, and it wasn't my dream job, but it would do, "Good, great actually."

Nikki was about to ask another question, but a producer came by to tell them that the show was about to start. I said goodbye to my brother and the Bellas and went to find my seat

Daniel got me a good seat, I had to give him credit. It was in the front row, but it was right by the row, so I didn't have to crawl over people.

Fireworks went off as Michael Cole's voice sounded from the announcing table, "Welcome to Monday Night Raw!"
Hope I did Ok. This was kind of a chapter meant to show you Gabby's relationship with Daniel and The Bellas. The next few chapters is when the real story begins

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