Monday Night Raw:


Dean was sitting by himself in his locker room.

Dean looked up slowly as someone knocked.

"Come in," he muttered.

"Hey, brother," Roman said as he walked in.

"Hi," Dean said bluntly.

Roman sat next to him, "You doing OK?"

Dean shrugged, "Considering two of my three best friends betrayed me, not really."

Roman patted his back, "Listen, Seth is a scumbag. I think we've established that."

Dean chuckled at him, "You've got that right."

"But Gabby," Roman said, "I don't think she wants this, you know what I mean?"

"Why would she do it if she didn't want to?" Dean said slowly, tapping his shoulder.

Roman sighed, "Maybe the authority was getting to her that bad?"

Dean shook his head, "She made her decision."

Roman stood up, "I'm going to go talk to her."

"No," Dean said, "It'll just make it worse."

"It'll be fine," Roman said as he left.


The Authority was in the ring, including Triple H, Stephanie, Randy, Kane, Summer and Seth. I stood as far away from them as possible, because somewhere in the equation I was put next to Summer.

I hadn't worn a dress to the ring in such a long time it felt weird to be in one. I had on a lace black dress that went just above the knee, along with black heels that I was wearing. But that's authority fashion, suits or dresses.

With heels. Ouch.

Triple H stepped forward, smiling, "Hello ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw!"

The crowd answered them with boos.

Triple H just smiled, "Simmer it down, we just have a few announcements involving Raw tonight and Battleground in two weeks."

"As we all know," Triple H said, "At Battleground the WWE World heavyweight championship will be decided under a fatal four way match. Four of WWE's biggest gladiators will collide as John Cena will defend against Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns."

The crowd cheered loudly for Romans name.

"Now," Stephanie said, "We actually have some more news involving the WWE Divas Championship and how that will come into effect on Sunday in two weeks."

"The brand new champion, AJ," Stephanie said, "Will defend in a triple threat match."

I smile went on my face. Here it was.

"She will defend against the former champion, Paige," Stephanie said, "As well as...... Summer Rae!"

My smile disappeared.

Summer covered her mouth in surprise and brought a microphone to her mouth, "Wow, Stephanie! This was so unexpected! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will not let you down and I will bring the Divas title to team authority!"

She smiled as the crowd showered boos on her.

Before Triple H could speak again, John Cena's theme came on. I looked over at the stage.

John Cena started walking down to the ring, titles in hand.

"The champ is here!" Jerry yelled.

John Cena grabbed a microphone of his own and slid in the ring.

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