Today was Monday Night Raw. The past five days had dragged by and now I was sitting in the Shield's secret hideout. Their was about half an hour before the show would start.

The door opened and I expected just one of the Shield guys to walk in, but Triple H followed them. It made my heart skip a beat a bit. I stood up as he approached me.

"Congrats Gabby, you're going to get to come to the ring with us tonight,"

"Haza," I said sarcastically.

Triple H smirked at me, "So here is what you're going to do. You are going to stand in the ring with me and Randy. You won't talk or move, understand?"

"Yes," he's in for a surprise.

"Lets go," Triple H motioned to the shield.

Dean grabbed my arm and led me out. Triple H, And Randy went out first and then The Shields music hit as they went live.

I took a deep breath before walking out. I got a immediate reaction from the fans. They cheered me. I smiled and started waving to the fans. Triple H saw me and was obviously not pleased.

When we got to the barricade, Dean held out his hand to help me over. I rolled my eyes and climbed over by myself and climbed into the ring.

Triple H presented Randy with his gift and I rolled my eyes at them. I slowly edged my way to where a producer was and told him to get me a microphone, luckily he handed me one. Just as Randy and Triple H were about to check out Randy's new ride, I spoke.

"Congratulations Randall."

The crowd exploded with cheering as I looked around and mouthed the word wow. The two got back in the ring.

"I would like to congratulate Randy for officially becoming the most overrated superstar of 2013," more cheering, we were going good so far.

I pointed at Randy, "Randy, Randy, Randy. You think you're some big guy now, don't ya. The new face of the WWE and I mean, theirs no question about it, I mean just look at him. Muscular, tall, hell I'll even admit it, he's pretty good looking, not my type, but good looking none the less. You see ladies and gents, Randy is what a superstar is supposed to look like and he is also part of whats wrong with the WWE today." The crowd cheered and I smiled.

I turned to Triple H, "you're even worse then him, aren't ya, because you see, Triple H is a person who thinks that a superstar should be a bodybuilder and they should fit a certain mold and its not just the superstars, it's the divas too, isn't it Hunter," I paused and stared him down.

"You know, it absolutely scares me to death to think that when Vince McMahon dies that you're going to take over the company and lets face it, marrying into the job is a whole lot easier then working for it..." I was interrupted when Triple H's fist connected with my face. I held my cheek in pain as Daniel Bryan's music filled the arena.

Daniel started talking trash and Triple H announced a gauntlet match for later on. Typical Triple H.

Later on......

Daniel Bryan was already in the ring and the superstars and divas were on stage. The Shields music came on and I walked down beside them. I climbed over the barricade and gave Daniel a saddened look. Dean and Roman stood on either side of me as Daniel started to fight Seth.

As the match went back and forth, Seth was starting to take control. My eyes darted back and forth between Daniel and Seth and before the other two could react, I jumped on the apron and made a grab for Seth and was able to touch the back of his hair. It was enough to get his attention and he spun around.

"What are you doing! Get off the apron!" Seth yelled in my face.

"Make me!" I yelled back.

Dean answered my request and he pulled my feet from out under me and I was barely able to land on my feet. I looked over at him in anger, "What the hell was that!" Over the past few days I had gotten used to the Shield, but now I wanted to rip their heads off.

Dean wasn't intimidated by me at all, "I told you before the match to not get involved!"

"I don't have to listen to you!" I yelled back.

Seth was still distracted with us and I just turned around to notice Daniel doing a roll up pin on him.




I had just cost Seth the match!

Dean pushed me away and got in the ring, and was about to clothesline Daniel, but got put into the Yes Lock. Roman jumped in the ring and the three starting doing their normal three on one attack.

I quickly climbed in the ring and jumped on Dean's back, but he threw me off, causing me to hit my head on the mat. I went over to sit in the corner as Roman speared him.

Triple H's music filled the arena and he came out on stage and nodded towards the Shield. I got up to try to stop them, but it was to late. They Triple power bombed him and I rushed over and sat by him.

Randy came out and I glared at him as he started walking down to the ring. Seth and Roman started to pick him up and I leapt forward, but Dean grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me. I watch as Daniel got a RKO. As soon as Randy left, I broke away from him and checked Daniel again as the Shield did their pose above us. The show ended with me shaking in anger.

I walked into the hotel room I was rooming in with The Shield(not my idea). I hadn't talked the whole way with them, but know was the time.

"You're a dick, you know that," I spat at Dean.

Dean put his arms up in defense, "I'm sorry that you didn't do what I asked and when you don't do what I ask, it does not end good for you."

I slapped him across the face and he slowly turned to look at me, shaking in anger, "I'm not your slave, I will never listen to you," I spun around, walked into the bedroom and slammed the door behind me.

I had fun writing this one! Till next time :)

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