Monday Night Raw


My suitcase wheeled behind me as I walked backstage. Andy walked beside me.

Andy tapped my shoulder lightly, "Meet you at catering?"

I nodded, "See ya," I gave him a quick kiss before walking off. I reached the divas locker room and walked in.

Just about all the divas were in there. Most of them glanced my way as I walked to my locker beside Brie's and lifted my suitcase inside.

"How you doing?" Brie spoke up, looking at me.

I grinned at her, "Last night was a rough one."

"How did Andy react?"

I sighed, "He yelled at me how he told me no to add the stipulation and all this other stuff," I muttered.

Brie changed the subject, "We have a match together tonight."

"Against who?"

"You're going to team with Nikki and I to take on Alicia, Aksana and Rosa."

Nikki spoke up, "And we're going to tear the house down. Kick some butt tonight."

I nodded in agreement, "You bet," I started pulling my ring gear out.

The door opened and Eva walked in. She smiled at us. I noticed a bag in her hand and she walked over to me and handed it to me, "Seth wanted me to give that to you."

I took it, "You saw Seth?"

Eva nodded, "How was he acting?" I asked.

Eva shrugged, "Like he usually does," then she added, "By the way, Seth also told me to tell you that Dean is facing Big E tonight and that you're going to come to the ring with them."

I took a deep breath and smiled, "Its going to be so damn awkward."

"All you have to do is stand at ringside, you don't even have to talk to them," Naomi said.

I nodded before opening the bag. I pulled out black pants, a black tank top and vest and black combat boots. I laughed, much to the other divas surprise, "I better change."

I put all the gear on and added my black fingerless gloves with black nail polish. I looked myself over in the mirror. Nikki came behind me, "You don't look to bad with black."

I forced a smile as punched her playfully and walked back to my bag and put my other ring gear in. I turned to the girls, "Andy's at catering, I'm going to go."

All the divas said goodbye as I walked down the hallway, ignoring the stares that I got from the superstars walking past me. I walked into catering. Andy wasn't there.

Where the hell?, I took my phone out and called him.

"Hello," his voice said.

"Where are you?" I said slowly.

Andy didn't speak for a few moments, "In the bathroom."

He's lying.

I sighed, "You know what, you find your seat and I'll just catch you after the show," I hung up before he could answer.

I decided to get food since I was at catering. I put fruit on my plate and ate a slice of pineapple. I went on my twitter and just about jumped for joy when I saw I had reached a million twitter followers.

I tweet: Thanks to my Gabbineers for one million twitter followers. #loveya

I started scrolling through the fans tweets:

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