Friday Night Smackdown:


Triple H's music came on. The COO made his way to the ring, a smug look on his face. The crowd showered them with boos as he entered the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Triple H put his microphone to his lips, "Lots of people probably don't understand this, but being COO is very important. One of my many jobs as COO is to go around the world and find the greatest talent and I give them an opportunity to come here. Out of all those that I've hired the superstars I am most proud of is the Shield."

The crowd cheered lightly at his words. He smiled before continuing.

"Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, even little Gabby Bryan," Triple H said, "I had so much faith in them. I gave them power.

"Perhaps a little too much power. At the very beginning Gabby was always a rebel and it was at no surprise, but I never expected the others to turn on me so quickly. You see, when you are given so much power you want to see how far you can go on your own. Heres a little life lesson for all of you.

"When you set out on a journey to find the edge of the sand, don't cross that line. That's exactly what the Shield did on Monday and they paid the price," Triple H motioned towards the tron.

The whole footage of Raw plates back. Of the handicap match, the beat down, the rebirth of Evolution and the destruction of the Shield. As soon as the crowd was over, he was showered with boos.

Triple H continued speaking, "You see I gave the chance to the Shield to put this all behind us, that all they had to do was gravel at my feet, but instead I was met with one response by Roman Reigns."

Triple H pointed to the tron and the tweet appeared. Triple H read it aloud: "Hunter, Kings don't win wars, soldiers do."

The crowd cheered as Triple H shook his head with a smile on his face, "That may be a good tag line for a movie, but that's not reality. In reality soldiers are for currency and their bought and sold to expand your empire.

"The Shield were simply just my pawns and though it pains me to destroy what I've created, I'm going to do just that at Extreme Rules. So at Extreme Rules, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are going to compete in a six man tag team match against the greatest faction of all time. Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton, Evolution."

This made the crowd cheer.

Triple H continued, "As for Gabby, you have no idea how much I want to get rid of her. Shes been a thorn in my side for almost a year now and the thing I regret most is ever letting her hang out with the Shield. So at Extreme Rules, Gabby Bryan will go against Summer Rae in a divas extreme rules match."

"In life you either adapt or you parish," Triple H said, "That's Evolution."




I sat in my hotel room, watching Smackdown with narrowed eyes. As Triple H's music hit, I closed my eyes and rolled my neck angrily.

Ever since Monday their had been an impactful anger inside of me. A divas extreme rules match, huh? That was different, but I was ready for it. Summer had no idea what she was up against.

I let my mind wander off to all the ways I could hurt. Anything was legal. Perhaps I could use a chair and break her neck with it. Kindo sticks hurt way more then most people, maybe I could hit her back until she had big welts, just like I had when she tricked me into going straight to the Wyatt Family. Maybe I'll get a few tables and slam her body over and over again. Maybe I'll get the ring bell and slam it into her leg so much until she can't walk anymore. She would feel all the pain I felt with the Wyatts.

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