Friday Night Smackdown

I tweet: It's ok guys, I'm still alive, The Shield didn't kill me. #stayinalive

I also tweet: "Edge is here tonight. If I don't meet him, then someone will suffer for it. #edgeishere

I laid back on the chair as the Shield walked in from there beat down of Big Show.

"Wow, 3 on 1, very brave," I said sarcastically.

That's right, I had kept my promise. I hadn't had any fun with the Shield.

"Glad to see you're in a good mood," Dean said.

I rolled my eyes, sometimes I just wanted to stab his eye out with a fork. I'm pretty violent if you haven't noticed.


I stood at ringside as Dean was prepared to take on Dolph. I was pretty surprised to see Seth or Roman hasn't joined us. The ref rang the bell.

"Go Dolph!" I yelled, purposely staring at Dean as I said it. He looked at me for a second before he turned his focus back to Dolph.

The match went back and forth for a while, then Dolph took control. He started hitting Ambrose with punches and then with a clothesline. He covered Dean for a two count.

Dolph went for zigzag, but Dean held onto the ropes and put Dolph in a sleeper hold, but within seconds Dolph countered and hit the famouser.

"Dolph, look out!" I yelled as the Shield attacked him as he went for the cover.

The Usos came out and started going for Roman and Seth. All three were able to roll out of the ring from Dolph and the Usos. I walked over to stand by them at the announce table. Vickie came out and made the match into a six man.

Seth started and Jimmy(or was it Jey) took control quickly. The USO tagged Dolph in and Dolph started aiming punches on him. Dean got on the apron and distracted him, but jumped down by me as Dolph elbowed Seth. He quickly got back up and distracted him again and got a fist to the face. I backed up as Seth took advantage and tagged in Roman.

Roman threw him to the corner and clotheslined him before covering him. Dolph kicked out at two as Roman threw him on the top turnbuckle. As the ref, was trying to get Roman back, Dean and Seth shoved him off.

"Really!" I yelled as both of them smirked at me as Dean got tagged in.

Dean started doing him forearm drags(was that supposed to hurt?) then he front drop kicked him. Dean ran to do a clothesline, but Dolph pulled the ropes and he came over the top.

I didn't move in time.

Dean fell right on me, knocking me over. It wouldn't of hurt, except that my shoulder still needed a few weeks to heal. I held my shoulder in pain.

"Gabby's down!" JBL called.

"Yeah, and Dolph needs to take advantage of it," Michael said.

"You ok," Dean asked me, as he tried to get up.

"No, my shoulder just hurts very badly.." I muttered, laying against the barricade.

"Hang in there," he said, climbing in the ring and tagged in Roman before falling back to the outside.

Roman stopped Dolph from making a tag for a few seconds, but got thrown into the post shoulder first. Seth got in, and wasn't able to do anything before one of the usos made a tag and started ramming him with clotheslines. He delivered a Samoan drop before going for the pin, but Dean broke it up. Dolph clotheslined him out of the ring. This time Seth pinned Jey(just a guess) but Jimmy broke it up. Roman speared him into next week before Jey super kicked him and then Seth. He climbed to the top and tried to hit his splash, but Seth put his knees up and was able to roll him up for the win.

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