When I got backstage, lots of the superstars and divas congratulated me. I acknowledged them all with a nod, but all I could think of was the main event later tonight Now I had to sit through another few matches.

I left the group and walked to the divas locker room. Luckily, no one was there. I changed out of my ring gear before putting on jeans, black converse and my Daniel Bryan shirt, the one that had yes three times on the front and that's pink. I sat down and put my head in my hands, rocking back and forth.

I just need to get my mind off all this, I thought, grabbing my phone.

I scrolled through what fans were saying for the next half hour. I stopped at one in particular:

@GabbyBryan, who is that guy that you kissed near ringside? Dean was glaring at him to....

I set my phone down and started pacing. The door opened and I looked over. Nattie poked her head in, "Bryan wanted me to come get you."

"Ok," I muttered, walking over and pulling the door open. I walked down the hallway until I spotted Bryan jogging in place. I looked at a nearby screen to see Randy was making his entrance.

I walked over to Bryan. He looked at me, "You ready?"

I sighed, "Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be."

"Lets make it two for two for the Bryans tonight," he held out his hand for a high five.

I high fived him, "I'll make sure everything at ringside is under control," I assured him.

Bryan glanced my way, "Please, don't get involved unless you think you have to."

"I won't," I promised.

"Alright, lets go," he walked over to where he would make his entrance. I stood behind him.

I heard Daniel's music come on as he led the way to the stage. I followed him out.

Bryan started chanting yes and going sideways down the ramp. I followed behind him and copied him, chanting yes.

Bryan got on the turnbuckle as I climbed on the apron and looked across the ring at Randy. Randy watched Bryan as he got in the ring.

I gripped Bryan's shoulder, "Good luck," I muttered. Bryan nodded as I dropped to ringside.

Triple H's music started playing and I glared at him as he walked down the ramp. He looked my way as he walked up the steel steps and into the ring, WWE title in hand. Triple H got in the ring and showed Randy the title, then Bryan. Triple H put his hand out for a handshake. Bryan didn't accept it.

Triple H handed Shawn the title before leaving. Shawn held the title up and gave it to a ref that was at ringside. I took many steps back so that I wouldn't be enclosed in the cage. It slowly lowered. When it was down, I walked back up and put my hands on the cage.

Shawn rang the bell as the two circled. Right away, Randy threw Daniel out of the ring. Randy went after him, but Daniel got in the ring a kicked Randy into the steel. He ran to the otherside of the ring. Randy slithered back in and hit a scoop slam. I watched nervously as the two went back and forth.

A few minutes later, both Daniel and Randy were on the top rope. I started biting my nails nervously as Bryan jumped over Randy and power bombed him. Both men laid down, trying to recover.

"Come on Daniel!" I yelled.

Both men started trading upper cuts. The fans said yes for Bryan and no for Orton. I chanted yes and no along with them. After a few uppercuts each, Daniel started taking control. Randy threw him against the ropes, but Bryan hit a flying clothesline.

"There you go Bryan," I exclaimed, then looked at the audience, "Lets go!" I yelled at the audience and the front row cheered.

Bryan got up and started hitting Randy with dropkicks in the corner. Bryan hit him with a diving head but. I put my hand on my head when he only got a two count. Daniel locked Randy in the yes lock. Randy grabbed for the ropes, but Shawn couldn't make him break it up. Randy was barely able to get away.

"Come on, Bryan," I muttered as I started pacing.

Bryan got out of the ring and started ramming Randy into the steel. After a while, Daniel started slamming Randy with a chair. I smirked as he hit him over and over again. Daniel grabbed multiple chairs from under the ring and threw them in before throwing Randy in.

Instead of Daniel taking control, Randy started hitting Daniel with chairs. After a while, he got Daniel on the top turnbuckle and suplexed him, making him land on all the chairs. I collasped on my knees and put my hand over my mouth in shock.



I gasped in relief when Bryan barely kicked out. The fans started booing suddenly and I turned to see Triple H walking to the ring. I stood to my feet and glared at him as Shawn started talking to him. In the ring, Randy slammed Daniel to the ground. He pinned him, but Shawn wasn't there to count it. Randy angrily got out of the ring and yelled at the two. I decided to stay out of it......for now.

Randy got back in the ring and went for an RKO. Daniel reversed him and pushed him away...... right into Shawn Michaels.

Triple H walked over to the door and ordered the ref to open it. I walked over to them and pushed Triple H in the back. Triple H turned to me.

"What are you doing! You shouldn't even be here!" I yelled in his face.

"Stay out of my way!" he yelled back as the ref opened the door. Triple H walked in. I followed him and grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. He pushed me away, causing me to slam my head face first into the post. I was knocked out, so I didn't see the ending.

Triple H got in the ring and threw Daniel away and checked on Shawn. When Triple H turned around, he hit him with the flying knee. Shawn super kicked him from out of nowhere. Randy crawled in to get the pin.

I hadn't realized any of this happening until I heard Randy's music playing. I got on my knees and spun my head around. In the ring, Triple H was holding Randy's hand in victory. In Randy's other hand was the WWE championship. My heart stopped.

Oh No

I used the apron to help me up and I slid into the ring as soon as Randy and Triple H exited. I kneeled beside Daniel as Randy grinned at me. I ran my hand threw my hair and looked emotionless at the crowd. Jerry read my thoughts.

"Guys, Gabby's a member of the Shield now."


Dun Dun Dun Dun

Kind of a short chapter, but an update non the less.

Gabby is apart of the Shield now!

Next Chapter will be Gabby's first night as a Shield member. How will she cope after not talking to them for a few weeks.

And what role will Andy play in all of this?

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