"Good old Chicago, Illinois," Nattie said.

Raw was in Chicago on Monday, so Nattie, Cameron, Eva and I were landing there. Brie and Nikki had went to some family thing.

I was so excited to Dean, but on top of it I was nervous to see how he would react to me telling them without him knowing. Hopefully he wouldn't be mad.

I followed the girls out of the airport. Dean was picking me up, so I said good bye to the girls and went to our meeting place.

"Don't you look lovely this evening," I heard a voice from behind me.

I ran over and lept into his arms. Dean chuckled.

Any thought of the thing I had been nervous about vanished at the sight of him.

"I missed you," I told him as he set me on the ground.

"I missed you," Dean said back.

The two of us climbed in the car and drove away from the airport.

"How was Cabo?" Dean asked.

"Amazing. Me and the girls defiantly got closer with the trip. It was so much fun."

"Man, I should of went with my plan to sneak there with you," Dean said.

I giggled, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind going there with you sometime."

"Someday," Dean assured.

I was about to tell him, but we pulled into the hotel parking lot. Maybe I could wait until we got to the room.

I followed Dean up to the room. I set my bag down, "Dean, I need to.."

I yelped in surprise when he grabbed me and lifted me in the air. He laid me down on the bed before crawling next to me. He pressed his lips to mine.

"Didn't take you long, did it?" I asked him in between the breathes of air I got.

"I think we have some catching up to do," Dean said with a chuckle.


After our 'catching up' I laid down with my head on Deans chest. Dean put his arms around me and pulled me closer.

Tell him.


"Yes," Dean looked down at me.

I was interrupted from Dean's phone ringing. Dean released me as he answered it, "Hello."

I thought of what I was going to say as he talked on the phone. He finally hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked, running a hand through his hair.

"Roman," Dean answered, "He wants to talk about the Wyatt match on Monday."

Oh, I forgot about that.


"I told him he'd have to wait until tomorrow, because I'm yours today," Dean said, smirking.

"Great, you want to go for a walk?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dean said in agreement, "But better dress warm. Its still chilly outside."

I got out of bed and put on some skinny jeans, brown leather boots and a white T shirt before putting a coat on over it. We exited the hotel.

I don't know what made me want to go to the park in this weather, but I tried to ignore the cold. I snuggled into Dean for warmth.

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