Onscreen (TLC Kickoff)

"CM Punk," I appeared on screen along with the other three members of the Shield, Dean spoke, "Who do you think you're joking? We both know what going to happen to you tonight. We are going to beat you to a pulp."

"Punk," I spoke up, "You think I'm just an easy obstacle to cross? You think I'm just going to be a decoration on the apron watching on? Well I will get in the ring and when I do, you'll see just how unbreakable I am."

"You want to divide and conquer us?" Seth asked, "You can't divide us Punk and you sure as hell won't conquer us."

"Punk, you think you have a chance tonight? I would think again. I think you might not be thinking clearly after I speared you on Monday. Just you wait, theirs another one coming for you tonight."

"CM Punk has his beliefs, but their is only one thing Punk is going to believe after tonight," Dean paused, "Hes going to Believe in the Shield," Dean turned the camera away.

I tweet: Tonight, Punk will #believeintheshield'


Onscreen (Ring)

CM Punk was already in the ring as the Shields music came on. I led the way out, wearing a Shield hoodie over my shirt, followed by the guys.

"Divide and conquer is what CM Punk said he would do tonight," Cole said as I reached the barricade and climbed over.

"I think that's really the only prayer CM Punk has in this match," Jerry said "What do you think JBL?"

"I think he really has no prayers, it's going to take a miracle for Punk to win this," JBL said.

I got in the ring and the four of us faced Punk. Punk looked nervously at us as the ref ushered us to the corner. I got on the apron along with Seth and Roman as Dean stayed in the ring. I took my hoodie off, revealing my shirt that went above my belly bottom and said 'Shields Girl.' on the front.

Punk and Dean started circling. They locked up and after a few seconds, Punk pushed him away. Dean rolled his head in frustration and locked up again. Dean went behind and grabbed Punk around the waist, but Punk shoved Dean back in our corner. Dean yelled in frustration.

"Focus Dean, don't let him get in your head," I muttered to him as they locked up again. Once again, Punk shoved Dean over to us again.

"I've already beaten you twice, give someone else a shot!" Punk yelled as Seth tagged in.

As soon as Seth got in the ring, Punk slid right back out. I paced the apron as Punk got back in the ring and the two started going back and forth. Punk was taking control of Seth before Seth tagged Roman in.

The guys started taking complete control as I looked on. Seth walked over and Dean held his hand out for a tag.

"Seth," I don't know what made me do it, but Seth hesitated in tagging Dean. I held my hand out, "Let me in."

The crowd started chanting yes as Seth stared blankly at me as if trying to decide what to do.

"Don't do it Seth," Dean said.

I looked over and glared at him, "What are you doing?"

"You're not going in, Seth, don't," Dean said, holding his hand out.

"Please," I begged, holding my arm out as far as it could go.

After a few moments, Seth tagged my hand. The crowd cheered as I got in the ring. Dean shook his head.

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