Monday Night Raw:


I was in my ring gear, which consisted of pink ripped up jeans, a pink top and white boots along with white fingerless gloves. My title was laying next to me as I listened to music and warned up for my match.

Last night had tons of bads and goods, but right now I had to focus on the future. Stephanie was bound to have something terrible for me tonight.

I was surprised she was even giving me an actual singles match tonight against Alicia Fox.

I stood up and took my music out and started putting things away. That's when my phone rang.

I bent over and saw it was Roman. I smiled as I picked it up and answered.

"Hey, big dog," I said with a smile.

"Hey, little dog," Roman said back.

"Whats up?" I asked.

"Just checking in," Roman said, "By the way, that was a badass match last night."

"New Divas champion," I said as I bent down to pick up my title.

"Nice job," Roman praised, "How's Dean."

I sighed, "He was in a really bad mood last night. He was starting to scare me a little bit."

"What was he doing?" Roman asked me.

"We were at the hotel and I was trying to sleep and he was just muttering to himself for a few hours before he finally went to sleep," I told him.

"Well, I expected him to be upset," Roman said.

"I think he's trying to think of how to kill Bray," I told Roman, "And I mean that literally. What should I tell him?"

"Deans a big boy, he can deal with it on his own," Roman told me.

"I'm just a little worried, that's all," I said, "Do you remember the last tons that Dean and Bray were feuding."

"Oh yeah," Roman said, "Just try to stay out of it. I don't want Bray to be tempted to do anything."

"Alright, I guess you're right," I said in agreement.

"So, when are you coming back?" I asked him.

"A month or two probably," Roman told me.

"That makes me sad," I said, "I haven't seen you in like a month."

"I'm sorry, it sucks being on the sidelines," Roman said.

"I guess I wouldn't know the feeling," I said admittedly, "Well... my match is next."

"Alright, I'll be watching," Roman told me.

"Bye, Ro."



My theme music hit as the crowd immediately got to her feet.

I came walking out, title raised above my head, a small smile on my face.

"This diva has plenty to smile about right now," Cole said as I started walking down the ramp, title still in the air.

"That's right, Gabby won her Hell in a Cell match last night against AJ," Jerry said, "It looked like the authority was planning on not even having a winner, but Gabby out smarted the authority."

I entered the ring and put my title on my shoulder as I watched the entrance ramp.

"Gabby got lucky," JBL commented.

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