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The Shields music came on as I walked appeared from the audience behind Dean. I smiled as I started tagging fans hands. We reached the barricade and I climbed over and slid into the ring before getting on the ropes and holding my hands up.

I jumped down and stood by Dean. I jogged in place as Tamina started to come out.

"Gabby looks a little nervous tonight. Tamina will not be an easy task," Cole commented as I looked at Tamina nervously.

Dean leaned down to whisper in my ear, "She's stronger then you, so you have to use your speed. Don't get into a test of strength," Dean backed off and went to ringside.

"Looks like Dean giving Gabby some advice," Cole noticed.

JBL laughed, "Gabby is going to need all the help she can get, this Tamina is tough as nails."

The bell rang as me and Tamina circled. Tamina tried to lock up, but I ducked and jumped on to her back, putting her into a headlock. Tamina backed into the corner, but I stayed on, holding on for dear life. She did it two more times before I had to let go. She ran over to do a clothesline, but I ducked and jumped on to her back again.

This time she whipped me over her shoulder. I quickly got up, but got ran over by a clothesline, causing me to do a flip in the air.

"What a clothesline!" JBL yelled.

Tamina came over and grabbed my hair. She did a headbutt and I fell down to the ground. I couldn't think straight right now. She intimidated the crap beat out of me.

"Go for the legs!" Dean whispered into my ear.

As Tamina walked over, I kicked her in the knee. She fell down and I quickly got up and started dropping elbows on her knee.

"Great strategy by Gabby here, she seemed a little bit unfocused, but going for the legs is always the way to go on a bigger opponent," Cole commented as I turned Tamina around and tied her legs up. I placed my boot on top of her head and slammed it against the mat.

"Ouch!" JBL said as I pinned Tamina for a one count.

I pulled my hair back in frustration and started pulling her to her feet. A threw her to the corner and did a clothesline to her as she fell down, sitting by the corner. I backed up and ran forward, climbing to the second rope and jumped back off, ramming my feet into her face. I took a deep breath as I got back up and walked back over to her, but she grabbed my feet, causing me to hit my neck against the rope.

She started to choke me against the ropes, and let go when the ref got to a four count. I tried to get away to catch my breath, but Tamina grabbed my hair and yanked me back up. I quickly kicked my leg up, knocking her hand out of the way, and kicked her in the gut. I did a spinning heel kick before getting on the top turnbuckle.

I put my hands up and started chanting yes. The crowd joined in as I jumped for a cross body, but Tamina reversed into a Samoan drop. She pinned me and I barely kicked out at two. She went on the top rope.

I got out of the way just in time and grabbed her arm well she was in mid air. I quickly put her into the Yes lock.

"Shades of brother!" JBL called as Tamina had no choice but to tap.

I smiled in relief, but frowned when Stephanie's music came on. Dean came to stand by me as she started talking.

"Dean, I'm going to ask you to get out of the ring," Steph said as he gave her a questionable look.

"Dean, don't," I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. He slid out of the ring as Stephanie walked to ringside.

"I forgot to tell you Gabby, that you have a second match tonight and it's against me."

I looked at her confused, why would she want a match with me?

I heard something behind me and I turned around and got nailed in the face for the second time in a row. Tamina grabbed me and threw me out of the ring. I tried getting to my feet as she grabbed me and rammed my shoulder into the steel post. I yelled in pain as she started slamming my arm against it multiple times. She then put me by the steel post and pulled my arm forward, making me wam my shoulder. I finally just fell on the ground as Tamina rolled me into the ring and did her splash.

Stephanie slowly got in the ring, "Ring the bell," she ordered the ref and he did as she asked.

She pinned me.




I was barely aware of Stephanie's music as she got her hand raised above me. Booing surrounded the arena as I held my arm, Dean kneeled by me.

"Why didn't you help me," I muttered, still holding my arm.

"I couldn't, I'm sorry," he said.

I didn't believe him.

I winced in pain as the doctor started taping my shoulder.

"This is so retarded," I yelled at the doctor and the all three members of the shield, "I'm not even a diva, I shouldn't have to take this!"

"You could have not gone against Tamina. It was your choice," Roman told me.

I glared at him.

"Yeah, so why did you?" Seth asked.

I shrugged, at least with my other shoulder, "I guess I just wanted to prove that I belong here."

"So you want to be a diva," Seth pressed.

"Of course I do!" I scowled as the doctor finished.

"Your shoulder is fine, but I would suggest not getting in the ring for about a month, if you were planning to that is," the doctor told me.

My heart sank, so I couldn't kick Stephanie's ass for a whole month.

"Managing should be fine though, I just wouldn't suggest any violence."

"Thanks, doc," I muttered, getting up and leaving.

"So, I heard Daniels letting you guys pick who he's facing. Who's it going to be," I said as we headed towards where we would come through the crowd.

"You'll see," Dean said as we arrived at where they would go out. All three of them warmed up so I couldn't tell who was going to compete.

I held my shoulder as the crowd around us started talking trash to the three guys. I had decided to keep my ring gear on, which was some pink short type things(like Nikki's), a pink sports bra and a black hoodie type thing that came just above my belly bottom. I also wore black boots, black fingerless gloves and knee pads.

"Your up," a producer told us as the Shields music hit.

I walked out beside the three and tagged some hands with my uninjured arm. We made it to the barricade and I waited for the other guys to get over before attempting it. Dean held his hand out for me.

"Thanks," I muttered, taking his hand as he grabbed my back so I wouldn't fall on my face coming over. I sighed with relief when I was safely over.

I climbed into the ring and stood by Roman as Daniel walked to the ring. He looked right at me as he stood at the opposite side of the ring. I got out of the ring as the shield stood facing Daniel.

Roman stepped forward, but Seth attacked well he was distracted as Dean and Roman stood on either side of me at ringside.

Seth tried to take advantage, but Daniel quickly took control and started aiming kicks at his chest.

"Come on Seth!" Dean called from beside me.

"Come on Daniel!" I yelled, making Dean glare playfully at me.

Daniel clotheslines Seth over the top rope as Dean and Roman walked over to them on either side. I followed Dean over as Daniel got back in the ring.

The match went back and forth as Daniel got on the top rope, but got a kick in the face and fell to the outside. I walked over to where he was and saw something fly by me. Roman clotheslined Daniel to the floor.

"Really!" I told him, but he just smiled.

I backed out of the way as Seth ran him into the steps. I sighed as Seth took advantage. Seth jumped from the top, but got caught by Bryan into the yes lock. Roman and Dean tried to get involved, but got kicked off before he hit Seth with the knee for the win. I climbed in the ring and stood beside Seth has Bryan ran out.

I couldn't stop grinning, Daniel finally got the better of them.

That didn't last long.

Randy attacked him from behind.

I tried to go help him, but got held back.
Monday Night Raw

"Please let me meet him!" I begged Dean as we walked towards The Shields secret hideout.

"I already said no."

I ran in front of him and got on my knees, "please, please, please!"

Dean laughed, " Maybe later," he said, then added, "And I'm likin the position your in right now."

I stood up quickly, "You're disgusting."

We stayed silent for a while and at the same time we burst out laughing.

I took a deep breath as we walked into their locker room. Seth and Roman were talking.

"Dean won't let me meet Edge!" I yelled as soon as they noticed us.

Both of them grinned, "I'm sure Edge is busy right now, probably later," Seth said.

Dean smirked at me, "See, they agree with me."

"Well...." I started, "Dean is making gross comments."

"Like what," Roman and Seth said at the same time.

"She was...."

"Shut up!" I interrupted.

"Fine, I'm not saying anything," Dean said, then adding more quietly, "I'll tell you guys later."

"I heard that!" I called, which caused all three to laugh.


Edge, Daniel, Randy and Triple H were talking.

"You see, I know that I can't hurt you, you're untouchable, but I can hurt the ones you love," Triple H said as Edge looked confused.

The Shield dragged Christian out as Edge ran to help him.

I was laughing before, but I wasn't laughing now. Wish I would have came up with the dictator line.

The door opened and the Shield walked in, "Speaking of dicks," I said outloud.

"What's wrong Gabs," Dean said, wrapping an arm around my neck.

"No, I'm mad at you," I said, crossing my arms.

Roman laughed, "come on, we go through this every week. You get mad at us on Mondays and Tuesdays and the rest of the week we're friends again."

"No, I mean it this time," I said as Dean released me.

"Whatever you say," Dean patted me on the head before they left again.

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Seth tweeted back: @GabbyBryan Edge got what he deserved. Justice always prevails.

I tweet back: @Sethrollins you can take your justice and stick it straight up your ass

I also tweet: The Authority is in for a surprise tonight. #fearthebeard

I stood in the ring with the Shield as Daniel was on the opposite side of the ring. Big show sat at ringside. I wore jeans, black boots and a black sweatshirt.

Dean and Daniel fought as Dean took control. It was now or never.

I looked over to make sure Seth or Roman weren't looking and walked over to the announce table and took off the top and stood on top of it.

"Hold on a sec, what is Gabby doing?" Michael asked.

I grinned at the fans and unzipped my sweatshirt and threw it on the ground. Underneath I had a Daniel Bryan shirt on. I raised my hands up and started chanting yes, trying to ignore my shoulder. Big Show smiled at me.

Dean was the first one to notice, "What are you doing!" He yelled as the fans chanted yes with me.

Seth walked over to try to get me off, but I got off myself. As I landed Daniel took control again. A few minutes later he did the small package for the win.

"Your welcome!" I yelled.

I was about to join him, but Randy's music hit. I quickly backed off. Daniel suicides dives him, but the Shield started beating on Bryan. Big Show was about to help, but backed off. I pretty much zoned the whole time, until Dean grabbed my hand and brought me backstage.

I watched the rest their. Daniel came out on top. The Shield looked on with disbelief.

I grinned at them, "Gabby 1, Shield 0."

Next Chapter won't be as rushed hopefully. Enjoy.

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