Chapter 118: Shield vs Evolution 1

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Extreme Rules:


Evolution was already standing in the ring, preparing.








I let the guys go ahead of me as I appeared at the top of the stairs. I started jogging down the steps. I waited for the guys to get over before I was about to go over myself.

I smirked as Dean offered me his hand. I accepted it with a smile. The gesture brought back memories.

"Aren't they cute?" Jerry asked.

"No," JBL said, "What the hell would Gabby want with some crazy lunatic like Dean Ambrose?"

We joined Seth and Roman in the ring. I glared behind Evolution at Summer, who was staring right back at me.

"And remember guys later tonight we've got an extreme rules match between the two women joining their teams tonight." Cole said.

"I can't wait for that," Jerry said.

I hadn't even notice I was starting to shove myself forward, but Roman held his arm out.

"You got her tonight," he reminded me.

I took a deep breath as Summer smirked back at me, "Better listen to the leader of the Shield."


I glanced at Dean and Seth, who seemed completely unfazed by the comment. Roman was pulling his hair back glaring at her.

"Ok," I said so the cameras could barely here, "You want to push and shove fine, I'll give you something to push about!"

Summer gave me a confused experrison before I was able to leap over Evolution and get to Summer. The crowd cheered as The Shield and Evolution collided as well.

Summer quickly slid away from me and out of the ring. I tried to hold into her hair, but she pulled herself out, cursing. I turned around to see the guys had cleared Evolution from the ring.

I walked over to our corner as we all stared at Evolution and Summer. Randy and Batista got on the apron as Triple H got in the ring. Summer stayed at the outside, trying to fix her hair.

I looked at the guys, "You've got this."

I gave them all fist bumps before I got at ring side. As soon as the bell rang Seth ran forward and started pounding on Triple H.

Seth took control early with a few punches, quickly followed by a suicide dive.

"So John, what wins in this match? Youth or experience?" Cole asked.

JBL thought for a while before saying, "Experience."

Of course you do.

Seth got up after the suicide dive and shoved Triple H back in the ring. I stepped forward as Randy took a step forward and tried going for a cheap shot, but Seth was able to block it. But Triple H had to much time and as soon as he entered the ring he nailed Seth with a clothesline, causing him to flip over.

"What a clothesline!" JBL yelled.

I started pacing nervously as Evolution started taking control of Seth as they started making quick tags.

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