Monday Night Raw:


It had felt like forever since I had been to work but I was finally here again. Sadly, Daniel and Brie were gone for their honeymoon so Dean and I ended up walking alone along the hall.

"Ready to see the authorities effort at fighting back?" Dean asked as we struggled along with our suitcases.

"Yeah, but no matter what they can't beat us," I said encouragingly.

"I agree."

"Seth!" I ran forward and jumped into his arms. He chuckled as he hugged me back. I couldn't help but have missed that goofy smile and joking personality.

"Hey dude," Seth gave Dean a bro hug quickly after before he pulled away.

"How was the wedding?" Seth asked.

"Awesome," I said, "It was so beautiful."

"And I beat Gabby in a dance off," Dean bragged.

"What! No way!" I hit his shoulder, "I totally beat you!"

"Bull sh*t," Dean said simply.

"There is no way you won, dude," Seth said, "What dance move did you do."

"Robot," Dean said with a smirk.

"Moonwalk!" I exclaimed.

Seth tapped his chin, "Robot wins."

"What!" I argued, "No way! You're choosing favorites!"

"What the hell are you arguing about now?" Roman had appeared around the corner and came to stand by me.

"Hey," I gave him a hug, completely ignoring the question.

"Gabby thinks she can beat me in a dance off," Dean said, quickly going back to the subject at hand.

Roman looked from me to him, "Ok...."

"They think the robot is better then the moonwalk!" I exclaimed, "They are liars!"

Roman patted Dean's back, "Robot all the way, bro."

I put my hands up and they slammed back down, "I'm done. I'll see you guys later."

I walked off as the guys laughed in my wake.

I headed straight to the Divas locker room and yanked it open. Most of the other divas were already in there as I started yanking out clothes. I grabbed out my black combat boots, pants and a black sports bra before putting it all on. I grabbed an Ultimate Warrior T shirt as well and put it on. It was made to honor the Ultimate Warrior who had just passed away. The shirt went just above my belly button.

I put on my black fingerless gloves before I turned to the other girls. I was very happy to see Summer was no where in sight and that was probably best for her health. Rosa Mendas was speaking to Alicia and Layla not to far away from me. Nattie was laughing with Naomi, Cameron and Eva.

My attention suddenly turned to a nearby TV screen.


Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Summer Rae, Randy Orton and Batista all stood in the Authority's office.

"I know you all want your rematches for the WWE championship," Triple H was saying to Randy Orton and Batista, "But Daniel Bryan isn't here tonight. You know who are, The Shield."

"I don't want to deal with them, I just want my rematch," Batista complained.

"And you will both get it," Triple H assured, "But right now the real problem is the Shield. They think they're indestructible, they're relentless. Honestly, they remind me a lot of us," Triple H motioned towards the three men, then continued, "I don't know if anyone can stop them."

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