The camera shut off. I was alone with the Wyatts.

I took a shaky breath, trying to keep myself from not fainting. I watched them closely.

Bray started randomly laughing, causing me to jump in surprise, "Hasn't your mother ever told you not to listen to strangers," Bray started laughing again, this time louder.

I didn't answered. I started backing away, but felt my back hit a wall. I was screwed.

Bray stepped closer to me, our bodies inches apart. I could feel his breath in my ear as he leaned in closer, "You look beautiful, my queen."

My heart stopped. Was this guy insane? Ok, maybe we'd established that by now. I started looking around trying to find a way out, but Harper and Rowan's figure stared at me almost emotionless.

Bray took a step from me, causing me to sigh in relief.

He started laughing, "I know what you're thinking, your little soldier is going to come running in and save you, but I hate to disappoint you, but he is never going to come rescue you. This fairytale will end how my fairytale is invisioned."

I took my chance. I ran past him as his back was turned and Rowan and Harper weren't even able to react fast enough. I ducked past them and sprinted into the darkness.

I didn't know where I was going. I could barely see anything. I started quietly creep along, trying to find anyone that would help me.

"You shouldn't have tried running from me," I turned around to see Bray standing behind me, his eyes full of anger.

"Just stay away from me," I begged, running forward, but this time tripping on something.

I started taking deep breathes as Bray picked me up.

"Please," I whispered, but instead was thrown back first into the cement wall. I yelled with pain as he picked me up and did it over and over again.

After about ten times, I saw him kneel by me. Tears lined my eyes as my back throbbed in pain. Bray picked me up by the hair.

"Burn," Bray said the simple word before hitting me with a sister Abigail causing me to black out.
Friday Night Smackdown:


The Shield were in the ring. Dean was pacing around, muttering to himself, his eyes had a mix of fury and worry. Seth was trying to calm him down as Roman held a microphone.

Roman was about to speak, but Dean walked over and yanked it from his hand, "Wyatts! You get your asses out here right now so I can destroy you!" Dean yelled before slamming the mic against the ground.

Bray appeared on the titantron, "Calm down, Shield. I know what you all want, but I'm afraid I don't have what you seek."

Dean grabbed the mic, "What the hell are you talking about!"

Bray laughed, "Gabby, such a beautiful young soul. There are few people on this earth that have a soul as beautiful as hers and that's why I chose her."

Dean was livid now, "Chose her for what! She doesn't want you, Bray."

Bray laughed, "Shes always belonged to me."

Dean laughed, "I'm going to give you two options, you either hand her over or I come back in there and wipe you and your brothers off the face of this earth!"

Bray chuckled, "Shes mine now." Bray paused, "Follow the buzzards."


"Hey Steph," AJ skipped over with a smile on her face, "I see the area is Gabby free, you can thank me later."

"Hold on, AJ," Stephanie stopped her, "You're telling me you're behind this."

AJ gave her an innocent look, "Why would I do such a thing."

Stephanie laughed, "Alright, AJ, what can I help you with?"

"It's just that I noticed I wasn't on the card for Elimination Chamber," AJ said, "And me being the fighting champion I am I wanted to give Gabby another chance at my title."

"AJ, we don't even know where Gabby is."

AJ nodded. "I know, if she wants to have the title shot she can, but if she doesn't so up at the pay per view, she is never getting an opportunity at my title ever again."

Stephanie smirked, "I like the way you think, AJ," she paused, "You've got your match."
Short. I don't remember the last time a chapter was this short, but I wanted to wait to start Elimination Chamber until next chap. Peace out.

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