Monday Night Raw:


I was sitting at catering, all by myself.

I stared at the TV as Triple H announced to the superstars a battle royal match to determine a spot to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Everyone would compete. Except John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

I rolled my eyes.

"Hey Gabby."

I turned around and smiled lightly, "Hey, Nicole."

Nikki sat next to me, "Hey."

I sighed, "I heard Brie got fired,"

"No, she quit, but yeah, pretty much," Nikki muttered.

Brie Quit. Daniel was injured. Seth betrayed me. Dad died. How many more important people aren't going to be here for me?

"So, are you feeling OK?" Nikki whispered.

I shook my head, "I feel like I can't trust anyone," I shrugged, "I guess you could say that... trust is dead to me."

"Hey, you've got me," Nikki said assuringly, "And Dean. And Roman,"

I sniffed, "Yeah, I guess."

Nikki patted my shoulder, "You've still got people who care about you."

I sighed, "Except for the fact that I've got the authority bugging me all the time now. Wrestling is supposed to be fun. It's starting not to be."

"Then you just need to fight back," Nikki said, "Prove you belong."

"Seth told me that he was going to give me till today to decide whether I wanted to join the authority," I muttered.

"What are you going to do?" Nikki asked.

I was about to answer, but I felt someone cover my eyes, "Guess who?"

I laughed, "Hello, love."

When I opened them, Nikki was shaking her head in warning.

I turned around.

"Gabby, you call me love?" Seth asked, "You flatter me."

I stood up quickly and spun around to face him.

"Hey man, calm down, I'm not going to hurt you," Seth said putting his hands up.

"I'd like to see you try," I said, narrowing my eyes.

"I'm sorry about Friday by the way," Seth ruffled by hair. I slapped his hand away.

"Someone's a little cranky," Seth said.

"What the hell do you want, Seth," I said slowly, keeping my eyes warily on him.

"You know what I want, Gabriella Bryan," Seth said, "I told you I'd give you until tonight to decide."

"And the answer is no Seth," I said.

Seth nodded, "Alright, have it your way I guess."

I blinked in surprise, "Ok.... that's it?"

"By the way Gabby, you have a match tonight," Seth said, "And you make sure to tell my good friend Dean Ambrose this too. You two have a mixed tag team match against Wade Barrett and Summer Rae."

I laughed, "Ok first of all I am officially done with Summer, secondly I know Dean can beat Wade."

Seth just smiled, "Good luck tonight. I trust we'll be seeing each other again tonight."

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