Monday Night Raw:


Cameron was getting ready in the ring when Raw came back from commercial as she looked in a small mirror in the ring.

"Cameron just loves herself, doesn't she?" Jerry questioned.

Cole chuckled, "Anyways, we are back here on Monday Night Raw and Cameron is set for action here."

AJ's theme came on as the crazy diva came skipping down the ramp.

"Here comes AJ," Cole said, "And AJ has a date this Sunday with Gabby Bryan as she tries to regain her divas championship."

"Could their be any two worst divas that could be champion?" JBL questioned.

"In my opinion, they are the two top divas here," Cole said, "And I think this is going to be a very good match on Sunday."

"Why do you hate AJ and Gabby so much?" Jerry questioned.

"Their are tons of reasons," JBL said, "And not enough time to say them all."

AJ slid in the ring and smiled at Cameron, who was still checking herself in the mirror.

"Well, I need to point something out guys," Jerry said, "Over the past few weeks, AJ has competed on just about every Raw and Smackdown. Gabby has competed once since she won that title. In my opinion that may work in AJ's favor."

"Your right King, ring rust is the worst thing for a wrestler, but Gabby has been injured," Cole said.

Cameron finally dropped her mirror in the corner.

The ref rang the bell. AJ came running out right away and tackled Cameron with some punches.

"AJ is going to waste little time, here," Cole exclaimed.

Cameron was able to shove AJ off of her, but AJ came back at her with a clothesline.

Cameron got up right away, but was hit with an elbow by AJ.

"And AJ dominating so far," Cole commented as AJ went into a sleeper hold.

Cameron got to her feet and ran AJ into the corner. AJ was forced to let go.

Cameron ran over at AJ, but AJ kicked her legs up, hitting Cameron in the face before she got into the black widow.

"Black Widow!" Jerry yelled.

JBL groaned when Cameron tapped out.

"Wow, AJ making quick work of Cameron here tonight," Cole said as AJ got off before dusting her hands off.

AJ rolled from the ring and ripped the microphone from Lillian Garcia's hands in the middle of her being announced the winner.

AJ rolled in the ring.

"Crazy has something to say," JBL said.

AJ put the microphone to her lips, "I'm not going to lie to all of you, I respect the hell out of Gabby. She is an incredible competitor."

AJ smiled as she started to pace, "At Summerslam, I underestimated her intelligence. I thought I had the perfect game plan, but than she did something I didn't expect her to do so early and that's her rid of Summer. It completely through off my entire gameplan. I was outsmarted."

AJ nodded, "But this Sunday, I don't have to prepare for three girls. I only have to prepare for one," she put her pointer finger up, "Now, I have seen what Gabby can do in the ring. She can hit me with a finisher from pretty much anywhere. I can be on the top rope, on my hands and knees, on the ground, I can be running towards her, I can just simply be standing on my two feet and she could take me out just like that," she snapped her fingers.

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