Elimination Chamber (continued):


Seth was the first one to get back to his feet. He grabbed Luke Harper and pounded away on him before taking the lid off the Spanish announce table. The crowd cheered.

Bray came from behind and knocked Seth down. Harper was able to get up. Dean ran interference to try to help Seth, but was knocked over.

Bray picked Dean up and shoved him towards Harper. Harper prepared to chokeslam Dean through the table.

The crowd started cheering as I appeared at the ramp and started running down.

"It's Gabby!" Jerry exclaimed.

"How did she get away?" JBL asked.

I ran around the ring and quickly jumped in front of the announce table.

Harper hesitated as Bray glared at me.

"Don't!" I exclaimed, "Don't hurt him!"

Bray started laughing. I gave him a scared look. What was so funny?

Harper tossed Dean aside. I sighed in relief until I felt Bray grab my neck.

"Oh my god!" Michael yelled.

"Don't do it, Bray!" JBL exclaimed.

"We could have had everything!" Bray screamed at me as I gasped for breath, "It could have been perfect! We could have ruled this world together!"

Bray lifted me in the air and chokeslammed me into the barricade, causing it to break.

My back exploded with pain. I scooted away in order to get away from sight before trying to recover.

Dean slowly stood up and attacked Bray in rage. The two started fighting through the audience.

Erick and Roman started fighting in the ring as Harper and Seth fought outside. Seth grabbed the monitor and nailed Luke in the stomach when the ref wasn't looking, but he wasn't able to take advantage, because Bray returned and hit him from behind.

Dean was no where to be found.

Erick was able to toss Roman out of the ring on the opposite side of the announce tables before joining Harper and Bray.

"Reigns down, Ambrose is no where to be found and Rollins is in big trouble," Cole commented.

"Yeah, this is not good for Rollins," Jerry agreed.

"Not to mention Gabby's still knocked out," JBL said, "Gabby is hurt."

"Yeah, we need someone to check on her.." Jerry said, "Hold on, what are they doing?"

Harper and Rowan got on the normal announce table and pulled Seth with them. They lifted Seth in the here.

"Look out!" Jerry exclaimed as the two chokeslammed Seth through the table.

The three Wyatts started to surround the ring.

"Roman is the lone shield member," Cole said as Roman looked up.

The three Wyatts started beating him down before Erick tagged in Harper, who got Roman with a big boot. Luke pointed to Bray.

Bray tagged in and stalked Roman. He grabbed him in the sister Abigail position.

The crowd gave Roman a huge pop as he slowly started yanking Brays hands apart before hitting Bray with a Samoan drop.

Harper tried to run interference, but got hit with a clothesline. Roman took Erick out with a superman punch before doing the same to Bray. Reigns set up for the spear.

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