Friday Night Smackdown:


Dean was in the ring, preparing for his match against Kane.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our Main Event," Cole said, "Dean Ambrose set to go one on one with Kane."

"What a great match made by the Authority," JBL praised.

Kanes music hit as Dean glared at the ramp. Kane started walking to the ring.

"Remember, John. Dean can't be 100%." Cole said.

"Yeah, Dean has that taped up shoulder to worry about," JBL agreed.

Kane music stopped and mine came on after a few seconds of silence.

Dean whipped his head up.

I appeared on the stage to a loud pop. I stared straight forward as I headed down to the ring.

"Now what business does Gabby have out here!" Cole yelled.

"She's here to cheer on her fellow authority member of course," JBL said.

I made it to ringside and started walking around the ring, keeping my eyes on Dean. Dean stared right back at me.

"She's here to distract Dean, that's what she's here to do," Cole spat.

I walked over to Cole and grabbed the back of his chair and dumped him right out of his seat. JBL and the people behind us laughed.

I dragged the chair forward and set it a few feet from the ring before sitting down.

"Cole, you OK?" JBL asked.

"No," Cole muttered, "She has no respect."

"I think she's great," JBL said with laughter.

The ref rang the bell, but Dean didn't move. He just continued to stare at me.

Kane tried to go after him, but he ducked away and started going after him.


Both men were down.

I hadn't moved from my spot at ringside.

Dean was the first to his feet as he started to lay punches on Kane before he threw him out of the ring. He bounced off the ropes from the otherside.

"No!" Cole yelled, "Dean Ambrose, bad shoulder and all."

Dean Ambrose lept through the middle and top rope and laid Kane out with a suicide dive.

I stood up as I tried to see what was going on.

Dean went after Kane again and started slamming his face against the apron, but Kane was able to throw him into the steel steps.

Kane tossed the top step off of the bottom step and grabbed Ambrose, setting him up for a tombstone.

I bit my knuckles nervously until Dean reversed it and shoved Kane into the steel post.

Dean didn't get to savor the moment for long until Seth came from behind and slammed him in the back with his briefcase.

"Seth Rollins!" Cole screamed, "I thought he was hurt!"

I took my heels off as quickly as possible and got in the ring as Seth tossed Dean in before both him and Kane came in.

I backed up as Dean started going after Seth, but Kane grabbed him from behind. Seth rolled out of the ring as Kane went for a chokeslam.

Instead, Dean reversed it and set Kane up before hitting dirty deeds. Kane rolled from the ring.

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