I could barely sleep at all. Looks like you never grow out of getting up early on Christmas.

I decided to get out of bed at about six o'clock. I was going to make breakfast. Just a nice homecoming. Last time I had seen my parents, it hadn't ended on a great note.

I decided to make Birthday pancakes. They were my favorite and Dean had never tried them either. Along with it, I made bacon and put some berries out. I set the table and let the pancakes sit in the stove until people got up.

Well I was waiting, I fetched my parents presents and some other ones for my other family members. I set them under the dream, ignoring my presents.

"Trying to see what you got?" Deans voice came from behind me.

I turned around and smiled, "Of course, you come out as I'm by the tree."

"Perfect timing right," Dean said as I walked back in the kitchen. He followed.

"I made breakfast, but we have to wait for my parents," I told him.

"What did you make!" Deans eyes lit up. Who's eyes don't light up at the mention of breakfast?

"You have to wait," I said.

Dean sat down, "Ok, but I'm just going to devour it all in a few seconds here."

I laughed, "I might beat you to it."

"Good morning," dad entered the room, followed my mom.

"Hi," I got up and hugged my mom, then my dad.

"Dean, how are you?" my mom forced him into a hug.

"Great," Dean choked out. I giggled. He gave me a playful glare.

"I made breakfast," I took out the pancakes and set them on the table along with the bacon.

"Yum," Dean looked at them, "Are those a different kind of pancake?"

"They're Birthday cake pancakes," I announced, grabbing some whip cream from the fridge and shaking the can.

"I can't wait," Dean sat down and took a few. I sat next to him and took my own.

The four of us ate. Dean made sure to tell my parents what was happening in the wrestling world and even cracked some jokes. I had to laugh at them.

"Lets open presents," I got up.

"Never grow out of it, don't we," Dean said as he helped clear the table.

"I was this excited when I was 6, I swear," I smirked as the four of us headed to the living room. I sat by the tree, "Who wants to start?"

"We could go oldest to youngest?" mom suggested.

"I second that," my dad grabbed one of his presents. I chuckled.

My dad first opened the one from me. He smiled when he saw it, "Thanks kiddo," It was a new golf club. My dad was obsessed with golf. I wasn't a huge fan. I liked riding in the golf karts though.

My mom opened hers from me next. I had given her a heart necklace, along with some perfume.

"Alright, who's next out of you two," my dad said.

"I believe it's you," I poked Deans shoulder.

"I didn't..."

"Dean, we got you something," my mom handed Dean a box.

"Oh.." Dean stared at it, "I didn't get you guys anything, sorry."

"No worries, we don't need anything," my dad assured.

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