Friday Night Smackdown


"Last Monday was old school Raw," Roman said from where all four of us were standing in the ring.

I had to team with Roman and Seth tonight to take on CM Punk and The New Age Outlaws. Last time hadn't ended well, but I was hoping this time I would make my team proud.

"We had all the legends," Roman continued, "We had the Nature boy Ric Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper," Roman paused and looked back at Dean with a smile, "And who could forget Jake the snake Roberts."

I had to laugh. I slithered my arm at Dean and he pushed away before looking at me with amusement in his eyes.

"But their was one thing that stood out and that is when Roman Reigns defeated CM Punk and became the new Best in the World!" Roman exclaimed before handing the mic to Dean.

"I hate snakes! Scaly, slimy, slithering, disgusting beady eyes creatures!" Dean was obviously getting in crazy mode, "I don't know how it's legal in this country to own a ten foot python but some bodies going to pay for that!" He looked over at us, "Do you know what it's like? Do you know what kind of thoughts that puts in your head when you have that thing crawling all over you! If that snake were here, I would choke it out right in the middle of this ring!"

"Calm down!" I took the mic from Dean before he killed himself. He started pacing around. I smirked to myself, "I love when you go all crazy."

I don't know what gave me the idea to say that, but whatever.

I spotted Seth and Roman look over at me with amused experrisons. Dean stopped and smirked at me, "Listen, we all hate snakes, ok, but that isn't the issue at hand right now," I looked at the audience, "It was the New Age Outlaws thinking they can get in our business!" I handed the mic to Seth.

"The New Age Outlaws made a mistake last night when they stuck their noses in our business and tonight it will be our pleasure to put them out of their misery," Seth paused, "And as for CM Punk, we will do what we always do when we get in the ring with him and that's break him. We will prove without a doubt that we are the future of this company and no one can stop us. Believe in the Shield!"

I put my fist in the middle and the guys followed. The New Age Outlaws started walking to the ring.

Dean walked over to me as Punk started walking down the ramp, "So, you like when I go crazy?"

I smiled, "A bit."

Dean laughed and let his hand graze my hip before exiting the ring. I tried getting into match mode.

"Can I start?" I asked Seth and Roman.

"Are you sure?" Roman asked.

"Please!" I begged.

"Ok," Seth nodded, "But be careful."

"I will," I assured them as I turned around to see Punk.

The ref rang the bell. Punk chuckled when he saw me, "Have the guts to face me?"

"Always have!" I called to him.

"Bring it!" Punk and I circled.

The two of us locked up and Punk quickly took me over in a head lock. I wrapped my legs around his neck, but he pushed them away.

That usually works, I thought in panic as I tried it again, luckily this time he let go.

I ducked under his arm and slapped the back of his head. The crowd oohed.

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