Elimination Chamber (continued):

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Dean, Seth and Roman made their way down through the audience. Dean looked as pissed off as ever.

"The Shield look ready, don't they?" Cole said as the three guys paced the ring.

"You bet, I've never seen them this angry before a match," JBL said in agreement.

Bray appeared on the titantron, "We're here," he said before the lights turned off. The Wyatts started walking to the ring.

The lights turned back on, revealing Bray in his rocking chair, flanked by Harper and Rowan. The Shield stood in the ring.

"Their already chanting this is awesome," Jerry said as the chants echoed around the arena.

"They haven't even touched," JBL added.

The Wyatts got in the ring. The two factions stood face to face.

Dean was pacing angrily, trying to keep his composer. Bray started laughing at him.

"Where's your girlfriend, Ambrose!" Bray yelled at Dean.

Dean glared at Bray, "I will end you, right here!" he tried to get to Bray, but Roman blocked him.

"She's mine now!" Bray screamed back.

"If you even touched her I am going to hurt you so bad!" Both Seth and Roman had to hold Dean back.

"It's already done," Bray assured.

"Cool it, Ambrose," Seth warned as Dean started trying to shove his partners out of the way to get to Bray.

"Ok," Dean nodded, pretending he was calm as he walked over to a corner. Bray and his followers walked to the opposite corner.

With no one to stop him, Dean turned around and ran past Rowan and Harper and flung himself at Bray and started taking him down with punches. The six men started to fight it out.

The Shield held the ring as the Wyatts regrouped outside. Seth and Roman tried to calm Dean down.

The ref finally had the chance to ring the bell.


I paced the small room and once again tried opening the locked door. I looked at the TV as the match was about to start.

I had to get out of here. I started slammed on the door, trying to break it down, but I wasn't big enough for that.

"Help!" I started screaming, banging on the door. The door was locked from the outside, so if someone walked by they would be able to get me out. Their was no other way.

"Help!" I continued my screaming.


Seth and Rowan started the match. The Shield was able to get Rowan in their corner for a little while, but it didn't take long until they were able to get Seth back in their corner.

Bray entered the match and started pounding away at Seth. Seth was smarter though. Bray threw Seth against the ropes, but he held on and tagged in Roman.

The crowd cheered loudly as Roman got in the ring.

"Who many people say is the leader of the Shield, Roman Reigns, facing off against the leader of the Wyatts."

"Well their is no doubt that Bray is the leader of the Wyatts," Jerry agreed.

Bray and Roman started going back and forth with their punches. Roman took control but it didn't take long for Bray to shove Roman in the Wyatts corner. Luke Harper tagged in.

Roman was able to get Harper in the Shields corner before tagging in Dean. Dean started slamming Harper with punches, his anger obvious.

Erick started mocking Ambrose, causing him to look back and try to get a punch in. Rowan jumped out of the way and Dean turned around, right into a dropkick.

"A dropkick by Harper!" Cole said as if he couldn't believe.

"When have you ever seen Harper do a dropkick?" Jerry asked.

"The answer would be never," JBL answered.

The Wyatts started making frequent tags. The fans started chanting, "Lets go Wyatts! Lets go Shield!" each chant almost identical in volume.

Dean hit a neckbreaker on Harper before he slowly crawled to his corner. He made a tag to Seth.

Seth ran in and took Harper down with a single leg dropkick before backing him into the corner and hitting a elbow. He started climbing to the top rope.

Harper came from behind and grabbed Seth.

"Seth Rollins, you may rue the day you ever climbed to the top rope," Jerry said as Harper threw Seth over his head.

Seth landed on his feet, getting a pop from the audience. Seth clotheslined Harper out of the ring before nailing him with a suicide dive.

"Come on!" Seth yelled as the crowd cheered behind him. He quickly slid back in the ring to continue the match.


How is their no one that can hear me! I thought in frustration. I had been yelling and slamming on the door for the past ten minutes.

"Help me!" I screamed again before sinking to my knees, "Help," I whispered, my voice shaking.


Seth's momentum hadn't lasted long. He had to make a tag.

"Come on, Seth come on!" Dean yelled as Roman clapped in encouragement.

Seth grabbed the bottom rope as Harper threw him up. Seth landed on his feet and nailed Harper in the side of the head. Seth slowly crawled over and made a tag to Roman as Rowan tagged in.

Roman took Erick over with a clothesline before hitting a Samoan drop. Roman pinned him, but Bray broke it up.

Dean came in and flung himself at Bray, taking him down with punches. Bray and him rolled out of the ring in a flurry of fists.

Harper bounced off the opposite side of the ropes and hit a suicide dive. The crowd insane as Seth followed it up by flipping over the top rope, taking out Harper.

"Their are bodies everywhere!" Cole exclaimed as everyone was laid out, leaving everyone wondering who would take advantage.


"Is someone in there?"

My head jerked up. I slowly got to my feet, ignoring the pain, "Yes! Please unlock the door!"

"Gabby?" I recognized John Cena's voice. Superman has come!

"Yes! Unlock the door before they come back!" I backed up a little as the door swung open, revealing John Cena. It looked like he had been warming up for his match.

"I want to hug you, but I can't," I smiled the for the first time in days.

"The Wyatts were keeping you in their?" John clarified.

"Yes," I nodded, "Look, I need to go, Thank you."

I ran past him as fast as I could.


Match continues next chapter.

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