I was at Nashville Comic Con.

I took a deep breath as I followed a man towards where I would be answering fan questions, wearing a leather jacket with an unstable shirt underneath it along with black jeans and black combat boots. My red hair lay loosely at my shoulders in curls.

I had already done autographs, and taken pictures with the fans, but this was defiantly the part I was most nervous for, because the fans could pretty much ask me anything.

The man showed me in a room and asked me to wait there. I pulled my phone out and saw I had got a text from Dean.

'Hey, how's it going so far?'

I smiled to myself as I wrote the next thing.

'Since when did you know how to text?'

Dean answered back almost immediately.


I answered back.

'I'm done with autograph signings and pictures. I'm getting ready for my Q and A session.'

I rolled my eyes at Dean's next comment.

'Ok, are you wearing my shirt like I told you to.'


'Ok, good. Say good things about me. Love you'

'We'll see, got to go.'

I shoved my phone back in my pocket as a man walked over to me, "Are you ready?"

I nodded, "Ready when you are."

The man, who seemed to be the host, went walking out onto the stage. I watched him as I tapped my heels nervously.

"Hello, everyone," the host said, "We're going to start soon."

The crowd immediately cut him off by cheering.

I smiled. That made me feel a little better.

"Alright, so I would like to introduce to you one of the top divas in WWE right now," he said loudly to speak over the cheering, "A former Divas champion and a former member of the Shield, make noise for, Gabby Bryan!"

My theme came on as the crowd stood up and cheered.

Here we go, I thought.

I came walking out on stage as the crowd got even louder. I smiled and waved as I walked over to sit at my seat.

I pulled my seat out, but instead of sitting I stood on it and waved my hands upward, causing the fans to get even louder.

"Alright, lets calm down," the host said as I got down.

He sat down in the chair closest to the podium as I sat next to him. My music stopped.

"Hello!" I exclaimed, waving.

The crowd cheered. One voice stood out that screamed hello back at me.

"Hello," the host said, "How are you?"

I grabbed my microphone and pulled it closer to me, "I'm doing OK, how is everyone?"

Everyone screamed.

"I wasn't aware screaming was a mood," I said into the microphone, causing some people to laugh.

"So this is your first time at comic con isn't it?" the host questioned.

I nodded, "Yes and I am having a ton of fun. It's really cool to see all the costumes, I think that's got to be my favorite part."

"You know, before we start I wanted to ask you about your shirt," he said, pointing to it.

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