Chapter 109: Wedding Bells

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I opened up the door leading into Brie's dressing room and closed it firmly behind me. I had left Dean to go see Daniel and had walked up here to see Brie. It was time. The biggest day in Brie and Daniels life was hours away.

I looked in the room and saw many recognizable faces sitting around the room, all of which were putting their dress on, getting hair and make up done or just chatting happily with each other. Brie was the first person that caught my eyes. She was already wearing a beautiful white wedding gown that fit her like a glove. A stylist was just tightening it to make it perfect. Nikki was getting her make up done, a pleased smile on her face. She was wearing her Maid of Honor dress, which was long and white. Brie and Nikki's mom was also their getting her make up done. Her white dress seemed to fit her perfectly. Brie and Nikki's brother seemed to have entered the room just before me and was saying words of encouragement to Brie. A few of the other Bridesmaids were also getting ready. Most of them being Brie's cousins and close friends.

"Gabby!" Nikki said as she raised from her seat and gave me a hug.

"You look beautiful," I told her as we released.

"Thank you."

The two of us walked over to Brie and JJ. JJ gave me a quick hug before I turned to Brie.

"You make such a beautiful bride, Briana."

Brie giggled and gave me a hug. A permanent smile seemed to be glued on her face.

I found my white dress and looked over it. It looked absolutely stunning. It was lovely, but not to showy, making it also respectable.

JJ spoke from beside Brie, "I'm so glad that I get to be here to see your wedding."

"Thank you," Brie said, beaming.

"And I know someday you'll get married too," JJ told Nikki, "Considering how cool John seemed about the whole you two getting married thing."

My head whipped up as I looked straight at Nikki. Her face turned into a mixture of many things, including worry and anger.

"What?" Nikki asked, gripping her wine glass.

"I talked to John on the red carpet," JJ said, "I basically told him that I respected him for how cool he acted when even I was mad."

The atmosphere seemed to change. Nikki was looking at JJ with a glare. Brie must have seen Nikki's face, because her smile faded. I wanted to exit the sibling quarrel, but I continued standing there.

"Why did you say something to him," Nikki said in anger.

"Well you told me it was all good between you two," JJ shot back.

I knew it. I knew this would happen. Nikki just couldn't tell John before the wedding.

"Wait," Brie said, "You didn't tell him."

Nikki glanced at Brie as if she were lost for words, then turned to JJ, "I can't believe you said something to him, JJ."

"You told me he was cool with it!" JJ said back.

"You lied to me, Nicole," Brie said, "I told you I wanted you to do it before my wedding."

Nikki sighed, "Maybe I didn't want to do it."

This wasn't good. JJ was obviously upset because of Nikki lying to him, but Nikki was angry at JJ for saying something to John. Brie was also angry because Nikki lied about telling John before the wedding.

"What's going on you guys!" Brie's mother called from getting her make up done.

I turned around to face them, "Listen you guys, lets just worry about this after the wedding."

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