Survivor Series:

I tweet: 'One year ago, The Shield debuted in WWE. Tonight, we will prove our dominance. #oneyearstrong

The Shield's music hit and I came walking out behind them. Tonight, I was wearing the normal black pants, black combat boots and black fingerless gloves. My black shirt came above my belly button. On the front it read 'Believe in the Shield' and on the back it read '#oneyearstrong' I had my hair to one side so you could read it.

The four of us met up with the Real Americans who were already at ringside. The Rhodes, Usos and Rey Mysterio were in the ring. All five of the guys on my side got in the ring as I stood on the apron.

The ref backed up the two teams. I jumped from the apron to stand at ringside. Dean and Cody started the match.

Dean and Cody started going back and forth. Dean threw Cody into the corner and started stomping on him. The ref counted to four and Dean backed up. He continued stomping Cody in the corner.

"Don't get disqualified!" I warned him.

Dean started arguing to the ref. Cody came from behind and rolled him up for a three count.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled at the ref angrily.

Dean started getting into Golddust's face, which made Golddust hit him in the face. Cody threw Dean out of the ring. I walked over to him as Seth, Roman and The Real Americans tried to get involved. The Usos got in the ring and threw all four men out on opposite sides. One Uso flew onto Roman and Seth as the other flew onto Jack and Cesaro.

One of the Usos rolled Seth in the ring. Seth got pinned but he kicked out at two. I walked back to the apron by Roman as Seth was able to tag in Cesaro. Cody tagged out to Golddust, but soon the Real Americans took control of him.

Later, Golddust hit Cesaro with a sunset flip and started crawling to his corner. I watched nervously as Golddust tagged in Rey. Cesaro tagged in Swagger. Rey went right after Swagger hitting him with a bulldog, then a hurricarana. Rey set him up in the 619 position before hitting him with it. He tagged in Jey Uso, who hit him with a super kick. He tagged in Jimmy, who splashed him. Jimmy pinned him to eliminate him.

Cesaro ran in the ring and dropkicked Jimmy. He set him up for the swing. The crowd cheered as he swung him. I smirked as Jey ran in to save his brother, but instead got swinged himself.

Cesaro was dizzy, which gave Jimmy the chance to tag out. Cody ran in the ring and quickly sunset flipped Cesaro, eliminating him.

I looked up at Seth and Roman. They both looked worried. It was now two on five. I climbed onto the apron, "You guys got this," I said as they listened, "You're former tag team champions, just do what you do best."

They both nodded as I got back at ringside. Roman started off, but Cody took control. Jimmy got tagged in and Roman was able to take control of him. Seth and Roman started to isolate Jimmy from his team mates.

Jimmy soon made it over to his brother, Jey. Roman got dropped with a Samoan drop. Jey went to the top rope and went for a splash, but Roman put his knees up. Roman followed it with a spear.

"That's how it's done!" I yelled as Jey was eliminated.

Cody jumped off the top rope and Roman fell over from the dropkick. Roman flew across the ring right to our corner. Seth tagged himself in and tried to take control, but Cody started clotheslining him. Cody set up for the cross rhodes, out of the corner of my eye I saw Seth tag Roman in.

Smart, I thought. Seth got slammed to the ground for a cross rhodes. Roman ran in and nailed Cody to the ground with a spear, eliminating him.

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