I pulled into the hospital driveway. I was picking up Dean. The hospital wanted to keep him over night in case anything came back, but nothing had, thankfully.

I was kind of nervous to see Dean. We hadn't talked since the kiss, nor had I told anyone about it. I figured for right now it was good that it was kept between the two of us.

I had told Seth and Roman about the fight between Andy and Dean:

I stared nervously down at my phone. I knew I had to call the guys. I decided to call Roman first. He would give me an easier time.

"Hello," Romans voice came from the other end.

"Hey.." I said, trying to figure out how to say it.

"Merry Christmas, Gabby," Roman said.

"Yeah...." I took a deep breath, "Not really."

"What? What happened?" Roman asked.

"Dean almost died," nice one, Gabby. Nice way to tell him.

Roman didn't answer for a few moments, "Almost?"


"What the hell did you do?" Roman sounded serious.

"Well, Andy came over and slapped me, so Dean got mad and they got into a fist fight."

Roman interrupted, "Andy beat Dean in a fist fight."

"No!" I sighed, "I made Dean get off Andy before he killed him, and when Dean was checking on me Andy hit him with a crow bar right in the side of the head."

"I am going to kill Andy."

"Roman," I said, "I thought Dean was going to die. He stopped breathing for five minutes."

Roman sighed, "At least he's OK. Can I talk to him?"

"He had to stay at the hospital over night."

"Did you see him at the hospital? What did he say to you?"

Lets see, we made out on the hospital bed and he told me he loved me. Was I really supposed to tell Roman that?

I couldn't even bring myself to lie to Roman. I'm a wimp, "Not much, but the doctor said he can only manage for a month."

"So he's out for a month?"


Roman sighed. He sounded angry, "Have you told Seth yet?"

Perfect, "No, can you do me a favor and tell him what happened for me, because I have other people to call."

"Ok, but make Dean call me as soon as possible."

"I will," I assured.

"Ok, see ya."

"Bye," I hung up.

I haven't talked to Seth about it. Seth was super easy going, but hearing that one of his best friends almost died probably won't make him very happy.

I walked into the hospital, up to the front desk, "I'm here to pick up Dean Ambrose."

"Ok, you can just wait in the waiting room for now and I'll let them know your here."

I waited their, tapping my heels together nervously. I spotted the doctor and Dean walk in side by side.

Dean and I left the building in silence. I got in the drivers seat as he sat in the seat next to me. I drove onto the road.

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