Monday Night Raw:


"You are the craziest son of a b*tch I know," Seth told me as the four of us walked down the hall.

"I've been known to do crazy stuff," I said with a pleased smile.

"You really saved our asses back their," Roman said.

"Another thing I'm known for," I said, "What would you do without me?"

Seth snorted, "I think we'd be fine."

I stopped and glared at him.

"I've had a change of mind," Seth said when he saw my face.

"You're quiet," I told Dean as I tapped his nose.

Dean looked down at me, "You shouldn't have been out there."

I frowned fakingly, "I'm sorry, but if you want to yell at me just think of one thing. Where would you be if I hadn't came out."

Dean didn't answer.

"You better not be mad at Gabby," Roman warned, "You guys have to go house lookin on Thursday."

"Ahhhh, house shopping," Seth said in a dreamy voice.

"Did you guys look up a place?" Roman asked.

"Oh yeah," Dean said.

"It's amazing. It's only ten miles from my Mom's house and I literally would live a block from Charlotte's," I said, "Hopefully its good enough."

"It should be fine," Dean said, "We don't need anything to big. It's just the two of us."

"Hold up, Charlotte lives a block from you," Seth looked at Dean, "Good luck, my friend."

Dean was driving us down the road. I was so excited that I was jumping in my seat.

"Calm down," Dean said with a smile on his face.

"I can't!" I exclaimed, "I've never really had my own house."

Dean continued looking at the road, "I have."

I crossed my arms and looked over at him.

Dean smiled again, "But never with someone that I actually cared about."

"That's better."

We continued on our way down the road. That's when I saw it.

"Their it is! Their it is!" I squealed, pointing at the house placed on the corner of the street.

Dean pulled into the driveway and we both got out of the car. I raced to the doorway as Dean walked after me.

The outside was already beautiful. It was a large house that was a creamy white on the outside with a blackish roof. Their were already some flowers planted in the front.

I knocked on the door as soon as I reached it and started pacing impatiently in front of the door. Dean made it next to me just as someone answered it.

A man answered that was wearing a suit and had dark black hair. He smiled when he saw us, "Hello, welcome."

I shoved past him and got into the house. As soon as I walked in there was a plain area, but I could see a place for the kitchen and a dining room on my right and another room on my left. The area was huge.

"Woah," I gaped.

Dean stood next to me, "This is a little more massive then I predicted."

The salesmen came to stand next to us, "My name is Mr. Thomas. Why don't I give you a quick tour?"

"Yes please," I said, just wanting to run around the whole house.

He led us towards where I imagined the kitchen. I saw now that their were already some plain white kitchen cabinets along with plain white fridge and stove.

"Maybe some new cabinets," I said, "And a new fridge...... and stove. We should get brown cabinets with a black granite covering with a black fridge and stove! That would look fancy."

"Slow down, babe. We haven't even bought it yet," Dean said.

I smiled lightly, "Sorry."

Mr. Thomas chuckled, "That's alright. You can be excited," he led us over to a completely empty area, "I would suggest this be your living room. It's plenty roomy."

He led us down a separate hallway, "Their are two bedrooms down here. And a bathroom of course. And another room right down here. This could be used for tons of things."

He led us into the master bedroom, "You also get a walk in closet," I held myself from squeaking in glee. Their was also a bathroom connected.

"Now lets go to the upstairs," he announced.

"Theirs an upstairs to," Dean said in surprise, "The bottom is huge."

I hadn't really told Dean that much about the house. Only the key parts.

We went upstairs to see two more bedrooms with connecting bathrooms for each one.

"Wow," Dean only said.

Mr. Thomas lastly led us to the backyard, which seemed to be a normal sized. He last showed us a two car garage.

"That's the tour," he said, "You guys can talk it over. We'd like an answer sooner then later, because this is bound to go out quick."

"Thanks," Dean said.

The two of us got back into our car.

"What'd you think?" Dean asked when we were about a block away.

"I love it so much," I said, "I think it's perfect."

"Babe, that is way to big," Dean said.

"No it's not!" I exclaimed.

"Their are four bedrooms," Dean said, "And four bathrooms. Their are two of us. That is too big for only the two of us."

"We could have guests over," I pointed out, "And maybe when we start a family one day...."

Dean glanced over at me.

I looked back at the road, "I'm just saying that if we do decide to have....... that house will be off the market by then. You heard the salesmen."

"I know," Dean mumbled, "I think you're thinking way to far ahead."

"It's so perfect though," I shot back, "Plus, that's the closet house I could find to my moms place."

"We'll have to remodel the whole thing," Dean said back.

"And we are getting plenty of money to do that," I said, "What do you want, just an apartment?"

"No, I don't," Dean started tapping the steering wheel, "I just think that we are a little over our heads with getting this house."

"It'll take a lot of hard work," I agreed, "But with that house, we are set for life. What is the point of buying an apartment and then buying a bigger house when we need it."

Dean didn't say anything for a while, "It's way to big, that's all I'm saying."

"I know it's really extravagant, but I feel like its the right thing to do in the long run."

Dean nodded, "If we do get this house, we have to be completely invested and we can't spend all our money on little things we don't need."

I hugged him around the neck, "Thank you."

He smiled over at me, "We'll see how thankful I am when I go through with this."
New house!

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