Friday Night Smackdown:


I tweet: 'Ready to find out what last week was about. Seth, hopefully you have a good reason.'

I came walking down the ramp along with the guys. It was time to see what Seth had to say. Seth better have a good reason.

I glanced at Dean and Roman as they paced the ring once we climbed in. Dean seemed the most pissed. He paced the ring angrily, tapping his finger against the microphone. Roman stopped pacing. I could tell he was trying to calm himself down. As for me, I was ready for what Seth had to say. Like I said, Seth is my brother and I see it this way, no matter how much you fight with them, they always end up coming back. I was hoping this was no different.

I walked over to stand in between Roman and Dean.

Dean raised the microphone to his lips, "We can handle getting beat up, we can handle physical pain, that's no problem. I don't know about you two, but theirs one thing I can not handle, something I will not tolerate and that's being lied to by someone that I trust."

Dean looked at me as he said it. I looked away from him.

Dean continued, "I was under the impression that the Shield were on the same page, but Seth Rollins didn't. He walked out on us in the middle of a war!" Dean rolled his head, "So Seth Rollins, we know you're here, so why don't you come out here and say what you got to say."

Our music came on. I looked into the audience.

"Their he is," Roman muttered. I turned around to see Seth walking from the ramp.

Seth got on the apron, but didn't get in the ring, "Ok, I get it. Leaving you guys to fight the Wyatts on Monday maybe wasn't the best time to prove a point, but what you don't understand is the war isn't with the Wyatts! The war is within us!"

I had to nod in agreement.

"It isn't a secret that the Shield hasn't been the Shield for sometime now," Seth paused, "But I did what was best, I sacrificed myself so that we could get on the same page!"

"Sacrificed, I didn't realize you were making such a sacrifice when you left us for dead against the Wyatts!" Dean yelled, "Their is a difference between what I did and what you did, I fought off! You walked off!"

"Dean!" I exclaimed. I held my hand out. Dean nodded and put the mic in my hand.

I turned to Seth, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Seth looked at me in disbelief.

I continued, "What the hell did I do to you! I was always the one by your side, helping you to try to stop those two from arguing and this is how you repay me!"

"Gabaru," Seth said, "I wanted to help you, but I couldn't."

"If it weren't for Dean, Bray could have killed me on Monday and it would have been all your fault!" I exclaimed.

"Listen, I couldn't help you, you were to much into what was happening between Dean and Roman, I had to prove my point," Seth said, "Understand that."

Seth got in the ring. I took a step back.

"I mean, look at you guys! For the first time in months you're standing in the ring, on the same page! Don't you see, I'm proving my point!"

I looked back at Dean and Roman before backing off to where I was standing in between the two before. Dean slid his hand into mine and grabbed the microphone from me.

"Listen, we call this right now. We can go our separate ways, we'll be fine! We're all talented, but what if good isn't enough," I looked over and saw Roman deep in thought. Dean still looked like he was ready to blow a gasket, Seth continued his words, "From the moment we came here, we've been here, we've kicked down walls! If we stand united, nobody can touch us. Not the Wyatts, not the Undertaker, not John Cena, not nobody, so lets do what we do best, lets be the Shield and take this place back!"

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