Monday Night Raw:


I tweet: 'If you're not watching Raw, you better be.'

I was in the ring, alone, starting Raw. I smiled brightly at the crowd as they chanted my name.

"Hi!" I exclaimed.

The crowd cheered louder.

"So if anyone watched last night, which obviously who wouldn't watch the best show in the world!"

"But anyways if you didn't watch last night then you missed the Shield as they not only destroyed Evolution, but we destroyed ten other guys."

The crowd cheered loudly as I continued, "But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about one person."

"Summer," I looked at the ramp, "I'm calling you out. I don't want to wait till Payback. A few weeks ago you told the world your intentions. You were smart. They were all great plans, but you don't stand a chance against me."

"So if you're half the wrestler you say you are and if you honestly think that you can beat me fair and square, why don't you come out here and prove it!"

I dropped the microphone and watched the ramp with narrowed eyes.

Instead of Summer walking out, Triple H appeared at the ramp.

I walked over and grabbed my microphone, "Hey, you get your ass back in that locker room!"

The crowd chanted my name as Triple H smirked.

"I don't want you," I said slowly, "I've been rivaling with you since August."

Triple H raised his microphone as he started walking to the ring, "Sorry Gabby, but I think what I have to say is worth hearing."

I backed off a bit as he entered the ring.

"I think this will be easier if we both agree to keep our partners backstage," Triple H suggested.

I nodded, "Yes I think that will be simpler."

Triple H smiled, "You have caused me a lot of trouble."

I smirked back at him, "That was always the goal, Hunter. So why don't we cut to the case. Why don't you tell me what you want."

Triple H nodded, "Alright, now I understand that typically men and women aren't supposed to compete against each other, but we will be going against the grain at Payback."

"That's huge," Cole commented.

"That means that I not only get the pleasure of pounding Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns into the ground, I can also do the same to you."

I was about to speak but he interrupted me.

"Now I know you're scared. I mean who wouldn't be," Triple H said, "Considering you are just a diva after all it must be truly terrifying to have to get in the ring with me."

I laughed, "I'm not scared, Hunter. I'm not scared of you, Randy or Bootista and I'm sure as hell not scared of Summer. You think that this is really going to affect my mind set at all. As far as I'm concerned the only person that should be worried is Summer."

"Oh, that doesn't scare you huh?" I shook my head, "Fine," Triple H said, "Then perhaps you would like to hear the rest of the stipulation for the match."

"Bring it!" I shouted, "Whatever you do isn't going to bother me."

"Sunday at Payback at The Shield will compete against Evolution in a four on four No Holds Barred Elimination Match."

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