Monday Night Raw:


"You worried me last week," I told Roman as we sat in his locker room.

Last week Roman had competed in a handicap match against Seth Rollins and Kane. I had almost had a heart attack when they pulled out the cinder blocks and was going to try to do the same thing they had done to Dean. It felt just like last week again.

Luckily, Roman was able to fight out of it and almost hit Seth with a cinder block, but everyone got out unharmed.

"Seth's made his motives clear, that's for sure," Roman said.

"I guess," I muttered.

"So what was up with that match Stephanie put you in last week?" Roman asked.

"She was pissed off at me for helping Dean," I mumbled, looking at the ground.

Roman nodded, "Well, hopefully she'll get over it."

"Yeah, hopefully."

"Ro," I started, "Have you talked to Dean since the incident?"

"He won't answer his phone or anything," Roman told me, shaking his head, "I hope he's OK. He didn't even get medical help."

"Yeah," I said in agreement.

"So, what did you and Dean talk about after he was stretchered out? You must have talked to him," Roman said.

I stared at him for a second.

"They wouldn't let me talk to him," I said, not able to look at him.

Roman realized right away that I was lying, but he didn't push me farther.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Roman said, "Dean's tough."

"Tough as they come," I agreed, giving him a small smile.


Chris Jericho was in the ring, preparing for the highlight reel. The crowd cheered 'Y2J!'

"Jericho always sucks up for a reaction," JBL muttered.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to RAW! IS! JERICHO!"

The crowd cheered.

"And this is the highlight reel here in Des Moines, Iowa!"

The crowd cheered in responses.

"I love those cheap pops," Jericho said with a smile.

"My guest tonight is a man who has never worked a day in his life," Jericho started, "A man who has given everything he has ever received on a silver platter. My guest tonight is the viper, Ran..."

Jericho got caught mid sentence as Triple H's music came on.

"That's not the viper!" JBL exclaimed.

Triple H led the way out with Kane and Randy Orton following him. Seth came out with his briefcase, all four men wore suits. I came out last wearing a white dress and holding the Divas title on my shoulder. I was glad that the dress covered up my taped up shoulder and I was wearing flats, so this was defiantly better than last week. I also held a microphone in my hand.

"Look at this!" JBL exclaimed as we all walked side by side, "The entire authority! Stephanie is the only one missing!"

"This cannot be good," Jerry muttered.

"I hope it's not good," JBL exclaimed.

I waited for the guys to get in the ring before I followed them in. I went over to stand in between Seth and Triple H.

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