Monday Night Raw:


John and Randy were fighting inside the ring. I was standing at ringside on one side of the ring and Kane and Seth Rollins were on the other side.

"Come on," I muttered as Randy was setting up for his DDT.

"Usually Randy does this from the second rope, but Randy's going to do it from the top rope!" Cole exclaimed as Randy hit the move with perfection.

I leaned forward as Randy pinned Cena. I sighed in relief when John kicked out.

"Come on, John!" I cheered.

I started pacing as Randy stared at John, trying to figure out what to do next.

Randy started pounding the ramp as he set up for an RKO.

"RKO!" I warned as Cena got up. Apparently Cena heard me as he was able to push the viper away.

Instead, Cena hit a drop toe hold before locking in the stf.

I saw Seth and Kane talking at ringside. I crouched down and pulled a bat from under the ring, watching them closely.

They did just as I thought. The two slid in the ring.

Seth broke up the submission just as I got in the ring. I ran forward and hit Kane in the gut with my bat, causing him to fall over, holding his stomach in pain.

"Look out for Gabby!" Jerry yelled as I did the same thing to Randy.

I was about to swing at Randy again, but instead got the bat taken out of my hands from behind.

I spun around and saw that Seth was standing behind me.

"What the hell!" I yelled at him.

Seth just continued to glare at me.

"Are you mute!" I walked forward and got in his face, "You want to attack us two on three."

"This is getting interesting, guys!" Jerry yelled.

"Come on, Seth!" I yelled as I shoved him, causing the crowd to ooh.

"Gabby better watch it guys," Jerry said.

"Hit me," I yelled shoving him again, than a third time.

Seth rolled his head back and forth, but still didn't hit me.

"Fight, back you coward!" I yelled in his face, "Fight back!"

I shoved him again, causing him to hit the ropes behind him.

I was about to punch him, but instead someone spun me from behind and hit me with an RKO.

"RKO by Orton!" Cole yelled.

Seth pulled his hair back as he looked away from me to Cena.

"Lets finish him!" Seth exclaimed, pointing towards the announce table.

"What is Rollins planning here!" Cole exclaimed as Seth rolled out of the ring and started clearing off the announce table.

Randy threw Cena out of the ring as Kane started walking towards the familiar black table sitting at ringside.

"This is what Rollins did to Ambrose!" Cole exclaimed.

Kane lifted the table up, but something else was sitting with the cinder blocks.

"It's Ambrose!" Cole screamed as Dean jumped out and went right to fighting Seth, who had been waiting on the announce table.

"How did Ambrose get in there!" JBL exclaimed, "This guys crazy."

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