Monday Night Raw:


Seth was coming out to start Raw, an angry look on his face.

"Well guys reports have told us that Seth Rollins is irate after what happened on Raw last week," Cole said, "And he's ready to take over Raw."

"He should be irate!" JBL exclaimed, "Did you see what happened to him!"

Seth ran in the ring and ripped a microphone from a producers hand, "Kill it! Kill the music!"

The sound people did as they were told.

The booed Seth as he paced the ring, "You think that's funny!" Seth yelled, "Do you think what Ambrose and Gabby did to me last week was funny!"

The crowd cheered in response.

"You know what I think is funny, the real highlight of Raw last week!" Seth pointed to the tron.

The titantron showed Seth curb stomping both Dean and John on top of his Money in the Bank.

Seth laughed at it, "That's what happens when you disrespect me!"

"I'm a patient man, but one thing you do not do is embarrass Seth Rollins!"

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury appeared walking down the ramp.

"I am Mr. Money in the Bank!" Seth exclaimed, "I am the living, breathing, future of WWE!"

Seth looked over at the two by the ramp, who were begging him to get out of the ring.

"You want me to leave?" Seth asked, "You don't think I understand what I'm doing out here? You don't think I know that I'm a marked man? Oh, I get it. I've got news for you," Seth turned to the audience, "I love it! Here I am, standing in the middle of this ring, all eyes on me!"

"Everybody wants a piece of Seth Rollins!" Seth yelled.

Just as he said it, John Cena came out of no where and got in the ring, going right after Seth.

Seth was able to scurry away quickly and get over the barricade, into the audience.

Seth stopped and started laughing at Cena, "You want some, huh John!"

"I don't think so!" Seth yelled.

Dean came out of no where and stood by Seth, eyes on the ring.

"Oh no," Cole said.

"You think you're better than me!" Seth yelled, not knowing Dean was behind him.

Seth smiled and patted Dean's chest, thinking he was just a normal fan.

Seth turned around and his eyes widened when he saw Dean.

Dean went right after Rollins with punches. Seth tried to run for the ring, but John was there waiting.

"Rollins has got no where to go!" Jerry screamed.

John threw Seth over the barricade and went after Seth. Dean was able to climb on the barricade and jump at them, knocking both of them down.

J and J immediately interfered as Seth was able to get away.

Triple H's music came on as Stephanie and the game came walking out.

"We are not letting this show dissolve into chaos before it even gets started," Steohanie said, "Now Seth came out here mocking you two, but he let his ego take control of his brain, something you two are used to."

"I think we all know that you two didn't set up this plan," Triple H said, "But one thing that is forsure is that you two want to get your hands on Seth Rollins and the authority is all about giving opportunity. Right, Steph?"

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