Chapter 218: Interviews

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"Gabs, wake up."

I instead put my pillow over my face. I heard a laugh from above me.

"We have interviews this morning," the voice said.

I groaned and threw the pillow aside to see Dean sitting near me, already showered and ready to go.

"I was not expecting you to be up early this morning," I said as I forced myself to walk over to my suitcase and get clothes out of it.

"Well, last year I was late, so I figured I better be on time this time around," Dean told me.

"I'm surprised they even wanted you to do media after that," I told him.

"I'm surprised they wanted either of us to. We aren't the most popular people backstage," Dean said admittedly.

"Yeah," I said in agreement, "I'm going to shower quick."

I took the quickest shower I have ever taken before and followed it up by putting on my make up and clothes.

As soon as I was ready, Dean and I headed down the hall towards the elevator. The elevator doors opened and a familiar face was inside them.

"Oh, hey, " I said as I stepped in the elevator.

"Hey, guys," the woman said with a smile.

"We haven't met properly," I said, "I'm Gabby and this is Dean."

I held my hand out and she shook it, "Charlotte."

"My best friend's name is Charlotte," I told her as the elevator went down.

"And hopefully you aren't half as crazy as she is," Dean added.

"No," Charlotte shook her head, "I'm pretty mellow."

"Are you going down to do interviews?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I was so surprised when they asked me," Charlotte said.

The elevators opened and we all went walking towards the parking lot.

"Well, it was really nice meeting you," I said to her when we had to go our separate ways.

"You too," Charlotte nodded.

"Hopefully we'll be fighting on the main roster soon," I said.

"I hope," Charlotte said, "See ya."

I bid her farewell before Dean and I headed towards our car. I looked over at him when we got in, "That was so cool!"

Dean blinked at me.

"She's Ric Flair's daughter," I said, "How cool is that."


I had just sat down at my first interview.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the interviewer said, "My name is Peter Rosenberg and we are here at Wrestlemania 31 axxess," he pointed to me, "And we have got the gorgeous, beautiful......"

"Best wrestler in the world," I added.

"And my future wife," he added.

I raised my eyebrow, than said with a small smile, "I wasn't aware of this."

"Not yet," Peter said to me.

"Well, you're going to have to ask my fiancée what he thinks of that," I told him. "Because I guarantee you if he would have heard you say that, he would have killed you."

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