Monday Night Raw(Continued):


As soon as we got backstage, I yanked my arm from Seth's hand.

"What are you doing!" Seth exclaimed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, "Why don't you just face him in a fair match instead of having to attack him from behind all the time," I shoved his briefcase in his hands.

Seth closed his eyes, "Are you apart of the authority or not?"

"What are you going to do if I say no?" I asked, "Take me out?"

Seth sighed and shook his head, "No."

I pulled my hair back as I tried to calm down my angry heart that was the threading to burst.

"I'm apart of the authority," I said, "But that doesn't mean I agree with everything you guys do."

"And I understand that," Seth said, "I'm just saying that we need to stay on the same page."

"And I understand that," I said, "But for now on you need to tell me the whole plan instead of just telling me to go to a match and then afterwards I'll beat everyone up, that's not how this should work."

"Ok, agreed," Seth said, holding his hand out, "Truce?"

I shook it, "Until you screw up again," I said before walking away.

Friday Night Smackdown:


AJ was going one on one with Rosa Mendas.

"Remember guys at Summerslam AJ has a huge challenge, a fatal four way match," Cole said.

"Yeah, but tonight she's got Rosa," JBL said.

Rosa started talking trash to AJ so AJ kicked her in the gut before running over to the ropes and bouncing back at her, putting in the black widow.

Rosa tapped instantly.

"Wow! How dominate was that!" Cole exclaimed.

"Yeah, but that won't be enough at Summerslam," JBL said, "AJ is going to have to do that three times before she retains that championship."

AJ skipped up and the ramp and stopped at the stage, holding her title up.

"AJ is quickly becoming one of the greatest divas to ever hold the Divas championship," Cole said.

"She may be the greatest, Cole. I agree," JBL commented.

AJ was celebrating on the stage when out of no where Paige came running in and shoved her, causing her to go flying off the stage.

"Paige!" Cole screamed.

Paige laughed before yelling at AJ, "I still love you!"

A doctor quickly came running over to to check on her.

"AJ may have suffered from whiplash," Cole whispered.

"Come on, AJ! You're fine!" Paige screamed.

"Just call me then!" Paige yelled as she went skipping away, a smile on her face.

Doctors were forced to go out their and cart the Divas champion away.


"So here's the plan," Seth said as we walked towards the curtain with Kane behind us, which felt very weird.

"You better tell me the whole plan," I said.

"We have a match against Dean, the two of us," Seth motioned towards him and Kane.

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