The Top 1000: Best Action Stories

Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's... by Meganfall
**COMPLETED**Highest Ranking #1 ~ 10/6/17**Ali woke with no memory of who she was or what had happened. She was lying on the floor and four terrifying bikers were stand...
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight's MC) COMPLETED  by Meganfall
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight's... by Meganfall
**Highest Ranking #2 ~ 10/19/17**Trike loves being in The Stone Knight's, but it still feels like he's missing something. That's when Ali calls him to go pick up a frie...
Saving Cassie ✔️(#2~Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Saving Cassie ✔️(#2~Stone Knight's... by Meganfall
**COMPLETED**Highest Ranking #2 ~ 11/3/17**Cassie married the wrong man. He was abusive, both mentally and physically. She longed for real love, a love that made her f...
Guarding Alexandria (#4.5 ~ Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Guarding Alexandria (#4.5 ~ Stone... by Meganfall
**Highest Ranking #4 ~ 11/16/17**Mario is a criminal. He's tough, he's rich, and he's feared. He gave up everything to become the man he is, even the love of his life...
Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knig... by Meganfall
**COMPLETED**Highest Ranking #3 ~ 10/30/17**Shadow has been a Navy Seal for the past eight years. After several tours, and some close calls, he decides to call it quits...
Protecting Fable (#5~Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Protecting Fable (#5~Stone Knight'... by Meganfall
**HIGHEST RANKING #6 ~ 11/13/17**Tripp was in love once, but she left him, breaking something inside of him. Now, Tripp's a detective, but now he can't stand dealing wi...
Surviving November (#5.5 ~ Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Surviving November (#5.5 ~ Stone K... by Meganfall
**HIGHEST RANKING #7 ~ 11/15/17**Jude has spent time in jail, he's labeled an outlaw and he hates it. The Stone Knight's desperately want him to prospect, but he feels...
Hired As The Billionaire's Bodyguard by AnotherComicNerd
Hired As The Billionaire's Bodygua... by AnotherComicNerd
"Name?" "Spatula." "Real name?" "Echo Granger." "Sex?" "Sorry, you aren't my type." "What sex are you? As in gender? "Oh. Female." "Age?" "Younger than you." "Do not mak...
The Gangsta's Salute  by AmbeyJ02
The Gangsta's Salute by AmbeyJ02
She's ruthless, cruel, cold. To her, fear is nothing. Fear doesn't exist. This girl has a reputation big enough to have her name whispered by the biggest leaders in the...
La Cosa Nostra (#2.1) by 12amwriting
La Cosa Nostra (#2.1) by 12amwriting
LA COSA NOSTRA "This thing of ours" Sequel to The Italian Mafia's Daughter Meets the Russian Mafia's Son **** An epic story about two of the most infamous mafias in this...
Silician Lady (Silician Trilogy #2) by CHISENPAI
Silician Lady (Silician Trilogy #2) by CHISENPAI
The world is not a place to live, but a place to die. And each second of your life, death takes a step closer. The blood running in your veins will return to the ocean...
Gentle Wind of Vengeance by 4reuminct
Gentle Wind of Vengeance by 4reuminct
He might be a gentle wind from the west. But his background could be the darkest.
Intertwined by twelvewonderingstars
Intertwined by twelvewonderingstars
= a wattpad featured story = One thing in which Devora Evans hated was the constant bullying she received due to her unusual name. On an unfortunate night after an...
The Undercover Streetfighter✔ {Under Editing} by ashthunder123
The Undercover Streetfighter✔ {Und... by ashthunder123
{COMPLETE} {EDITING IN PROCESS} Ashley Winster, an alternate persona of what the world expects her to be. One who never follows rules, skips detentio...
The Awakening  by alaybae
The Awakening by alaybae
Due to distress from the Dursleys, Harry Potter learns about the betrayal and loss orchestrated by Albus Dumbledore. As the adventure of having a new identity, family...
The Not So Super Hero by Twoony
The Not So Super Hero by Twoony
Zane Levitt hated troublesome things and by troublesome he meant anything and everything that required anything more than average mental or physical effort. Living a med...
Straight through the Heart by lystrandra
Straight through the Heart by lystrandra
-Story #2 of Nerd in Disguise- The name's Naomi Jax Smith. People call me Jax for short. The dude to my 3 o'clock is my twin brother Robin Matthias Smith. People call hi...
The Indominus Trainer by Wolfie82
The Indominus Trainer by Wolfie82
" are you supposed to be in there? " " maybe. what's it to you? " " just that a dangerous creature lives in there. " " look around. there are dangerous creatures everywh...