Survivor Series(continued):

The Shield's music came on as I appeared from the audience by myself wearing the same ring gear from earlier in the night, "The following is an eight on eight traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Introducing first, representing the Shield, Gabby Bryan!" Lillian introduced me.

I jumped over the barricade with ease and slid into the ring. I jumped onto the middle rope and spun my hand around, "Early in the night, Gabby's partner, Roman Reigns, won his match and Gabby is looking to continue that streak tonight, because one year ago, The Shield debuted, although it was without Gabby, she's still looking to represent them tonight."

I jumped on the turnbuckle and laid across it as the Total Divas theme came on, "And her partners, the cast of Total Divas, Brie and Nikki, The Bella twins, the funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, Natalya, JoJo and Eva Marie."

I clapped for them they got in the ring. I had requested not to come out with them. I still felt weird about teaming with them and I would have felt more uncomfortable coming out to there theme music. No Thank You.

AJ's music came on and she came skipping out, followed by Tamina, Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Aksana and Rosa Mendas. I watched them with narrowed eyes as they entered the other side of the ring.

I jumped off the turnbuckle and went over to our corner, "I can start if you want," I muttered as I pulled my gloves tighter on my hand.

"Ok," Natalya agreed.

They all got on the apron, Nikki stopped and grabbed my shoulder, "If we win, you're buying me a Birthday drink."

It was Brie and NNikki's birthday today, so I guess who cares, "Deal," I slapped her back as she got out of the ring. I looked at the other side and saw Alicia was starting. Dang it, I was kind of hoping for AJ or Kaitlyn. In time, In time.

The ref rang the bell as the two of us circled. I stopped when I heard the crowd chanting, "Shields girl! Shields girl!" over and over. I looked over at the Total Divas in surprise and saw they were all smirking. I grinned, "I'm cool with that," I told them.

Alicia and I locked up and Alicia quickly twisted my arm around. I rolled over, back on my feet and twisted her wrist. Alicia grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm. I took a deep breath before rolling over again and this time, sweeping Alicia's leg from under her. I pinned her for a one. I locked her in a head lock before walking to my corner and tagging in Brie. We did a double suplex before I got out of the ring.

Brie started taking control of Alicia before tagging Naomi in. Brie got on all fours as Naomi tagged Cameron in. Naomi used Brie's back to clothesline Alicia. The two got out of the ring as Cameron cross bodies her.I clapped along with the Total Divas as Cameron got a two count from it. Cameron threw Alicia into the corner and went for a clothesline, but Alicia got out of the way and tagged Layla in. I tried to hide my frustration.

"Come on, Cam!" I yelled as Layla started stomping Cameron in the other teams corner.

The other team started making frequent tags. I watched worriedly as AJ got in the ring and locked in the black widow. I didn't want to have the disadvantage, "I've got it," I told my team as I jumped over the top rope and kicked AJ right in the face with a super kick.

"Did you hear that!" Cole yelled.

I didn't even have time to stand completely upright until I got a kick in the face as well that sent me half way across the ring. I rolled out of the ring and held my mouth. I saw Tamina, You'll pay for that.

Tamina helped AJ to the corner before tagging herself in. She got on the top rope and hit her with a splash before pinning her.

"Cameron has been eliminated," Lillian announced.

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