Extreme Rules:


The ref rang the bell and I ran forward and swung.

I stumbled forward as Summer dodged it. I spun around to see her glancing around, as if she was trying to figure out a way to get out. I pointed the bat at her.

"Theirs no where to run, Summer,". Jerry in glee.

Summer slid under the ropes. I put my bat near the corner and ran after her. As she tried getting over the ropes, I grabbed her and slid her back in the ring. Summer stood up quickly, but I took her right down again with punches.

I started nailing her with head butts, causing her to screech in pain.

"Poor Summer, she doesn't deserve this!" JBL shouted as I picked Summer up and threw her out of the ring and slid out myself.

I grabbed Summer by the hair and threw her into the barricade multiple times.

"Gabby is just throwing Summer around like a ragdoll!" Cole exclaimed.

I climbed onto the apron and jumped off, hitting Summer down with a flying clothesline. I wiped my hands off.

"Summer better do something quick guys," Cole commented.

I turned around and saw Summer trying to get under the ring. I grabbed her by the leg and started yanking on her.

"You're not going to get away that way!" Jerry exclaimed.

Summer head's appeared and that was the last thing I saw before I felt something get sprayed in my eyes. I yelped in pain as I stumbled away and held my eyes with my hands.

"What is that?" Jerry asked, "Is that hairspray?"

"Can't beat Gabby without having her half blind?" Michael said.

"This is Extreme Rules, guys! Anything goes!" JBL insisted.

I tried to open my eyes, but all I could see was blurs. I tried to wipe my eyes, but nothing changed.

I saw a blur coming towards me and I kicked my foot out, but sadly I had misjudged the distance. Summer grabbed my hair and yanked me to the ground.

"You think I'm just a push over!" Summer screamed at me, stomping my stomach. I grabbed the barricade and half blind tried to stand up.

Summer grabbed me by the back and tossed me. I felt myself flipping over the announce table and into the chairs.

Summer walked over to under the ring and pulled out a Kindo stick. She smirked at the audience as she set it aside and pulled me over the announce table and basically threw me on the ground.

I felt a big sting in my back and I knew it had to be a Kindo stick. I tried to scramble and kick, but it was no good.

Separation for recovery, I reminded myself.

I waited for one more whip before I stood up with speed and kicked my foot out, trying to judge where her head was. I kicked her straight in the chest.

"Nice shot!" Cole shouted.

Good enough, I thought as I stumbled away from Summer and started feeling around under the ring.

I felt my hand close over a bottle and I yanked it out and uncapped the bottle and started dumping the water in my eyes, gasping.

It wasn't perfect, but I could still see. I threw the bottle in the crowd and went back to grab the hairspray bottle.

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