Main Event:

The Shields music hit and I stepped out. I smiled at the crowd and pointed at them and smiled. I started walking down to the ring as I tagged the fans hands.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to main event, and we are starting off the show with some divas action," Josh said as I jumped over the barricade and slid in the ring. I got on the turnbuckle and put on finger up.

"That's right Josh, we've got Gabby Bryan in the ring right now, one fourth of the Shield," Miz said as I got off the turnbuckle.

I started jogging in place as AJ's music hit. She came skipping out with Tamina behind her.

"And Gabby being forced to team with AJ tonight to take on the Bellas. A very unlikely team here," Miz said.

Unlikely is right. I knew Stephanie had done this. People seemed to think just because I'm mad at Brie means I'm with AJ and her gang now. That wasn't true. It didn't matter though, I wanted to continue the winning streak I have had as of late. I wanted that match at Wrestlemania. It was never to early to think about it.

AJ grinned at me as her music stopped. She held her hand out for me to shake.

You need to be on the same page, I thought as I shook it. Surprisingly she didn't try hurting me. I could tell Tamina was glaring at me though.

The Bellas came out next. I watched them closely as they both got in the ring. Brie gave me a death glare as Nikki stood there kind of awkwardly.

AJ walked up to me, "You want start?"

"Yes," I said without hesitation.

"Ok," AJ muttered and I watched her get out. I would have to have eyes at the back of my head tonight.

Brie stayed in the ring as Nikki got on the apron. I watched with narrowed eyes as the ref rang the bell, Just pretend its AJ your facing and that you're not teaming with her.

I looked up as Natalya's music came on. I closed my eyes and opened them in a few seconds to look at Nattie, an annoyed experrison on my face.

Ignore her.

Nattie went to commentary as I looked over at Brie.

The two of us circled until Brie suddenly stopped and straightened. She walked over to me and pushed me, causing me to step back a few steps and hit the ropes. I closed my eyes and breathed in anger.

"You don't want to make Gabby mad," Miz said.

"Say you're sorry, Gabby!" Brie yelled.

I got up and shoved her, causing her to land on her but. She looked at me in shock, "Come on, Brie! Is that all you got!" I exclaimed.

Brie used the ropes to get back to her feet. She ran over and threw herself on me, starting to hit me with punches. I put my arms in front of my face as I tried to protect it. I was finally able to roll over to the ropes, forcing Brie to back off.

I started taking deep breathes, OK, Brie. Maybe I have underestimated you.

I slowly got to my feet as Brie ran towards me and started hitting me with punches. I pushed her away and rolled out of the ring.

Focus, don't let her think she's in control, I thought as I looked in the ring, Play possum take advantage when she gets out of the ring. It's classic yet clever.

Brie followed just my thinking and slid out of the ring. I raced away and ran to the otherside of the ring. I quickly got on the apron and jumped towards her, hitting her down with a clothesline.

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