Everything that is italicized are flashbacks, so if you don't want to read it, don't.

Wrestlemania 31:


I tweet: 'Tonight is must win. Tonight I will triumph. You can believe in that and #believeingabby

Lillian was standing inside the ring in front of the massive sold out stadium. She wore a smile on her face as she brought the microphone to her lips, "Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is no holds barred!"

The crowd cheered. Those cheers became boos as Stephanie's music hit.

"Introducing first, she is one of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon!" Stephanie announced.

"Here we go guys!" Cole exclaimed, "This match has been in the making for almost two years!"

"This is the match I have been most excited for, guys!" Jerry exclaimed, "Gabby is looking to get revenge tonight!"

Stephanie stepped in the ring and started taunting to the crowd.

"This all started in August of 2013 when the authority was against Gabby's brother. When they forced Gabby to stay with the Shield," Cole said.

"I will admit, that was a big mistake by the authority," JBL added.

"Gabby would end up becoming friends with the shield and would later join their group and turn them against the authority," Cole continued.

"Yeah, but the authority hit right back when they made Seth Rollins betray the Shield," JBL said.

"Well, lets just say this match is as personal as it gets," Jerry said.

My music hit as the crowd got to there feet. I took a deep breath before I came walking on the stage.

"And here comes Gabby Bryan!" Jerry exclaimed, "And she looks ready to go."

"And her opponent!" Lillian announced, "From Aberdeen, Washington, Gabby Bryan!"

I stepped in the middle of the Wrestlemania logo on the stage before I put my fist in the air. I let my eyes wander around the stadium. It looked like a big blob instead of individual people. It seemed even huger with the people there.

I started walking down the ramp, tagging hands on the way.

"Take a look at Gabby's shirt, guys," Cole said, "It says 'She believed she could... So she did."

"Isn't that sweet, but believing in yourself isn't going to get you the automatic win," JBL grumbled.

I entered the ring and walked straight over to Stephanie. The ref stepped forward to make sure I didn't start beating her up, but I didn't. Instead I stopped inches from her and glared into her eyes. She glared right back, a small smirk on her face.

"I like me a good stare down before a match," Jerry said excitedly.

"I hope you know what you got yourself into," Stephanie suddenly said as soon as my music stopped.

"Back at you," I said, not blinking an eye.

The ref walked forward and separated us. I backed off as I took my hat off and threw it into the crowd.

"Stephanie and Gabby have faced on two different occasions," Cole mentioned, "Stephanie defeated Gabby after Gabby had been attacked by Tamina."

"Stop making excuses for her, Cole," JBL spat.

"And Gabby beat Stephanie at Hell in a Cell 2013," Cole added, "So in some ways, this would be the rubber match."

"And it's no holds barred," Jerry added.

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