Monday Night Raw:


"Just the person I wanted to see."

Seth turned around from where he was sitting at catering and smiled at me, "Hey."

"I wouldn't be happy about it," I told him as I sat by him.

"What's up?" Seth asked.

"Ok, one thing," I said, "What the hell?"

"What?" Seth asked.

"Why the hell did you leave me alone in the parking lot with Dean!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, that," Seth said casually.

"Don't say it like it's nothing," I said.

"Gabaru," Seth said, "The only reason I left you there is because I knew Dean wouldn't hurt you."

I crossed my arms at him, "That's not an excuse."

Seth shrugged, "Maybe it isn't, but you're fine now. That's all that matters."

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Hey, you'll be fine. Dean won't ever get near you again," Seth said, patting my shoulder, "As long as I'm here."

I got up, "I'll believe it when I see it."


AJ was standing in the ring by herself microphone in one hand and title in the other.

"Last night at Battleground I conquered all the odds," AJ said, "I proved to everyone that I wasn't rusty. I came back and proved to everyone that I am a true champion and I deserve this."

"Even with the authority sticking the odds up against me, I won against both Paige and Summer Rae."

The crowd cheered as AJ smiled at her belt.

"Now, that isn't actually what I am worried about," AJ tapped her mic, "I'm worried about a little Lita wanna be who decided to kick me in the jaw last night during my title defense."

"So Gabby," AJ said, "You better get your a** out here so we can handle this!" AJ yelled.

AJ stared at the ramp with narrowed eyes.

Instead of my theme coming on, Summer's did. AJ rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Here comes the women who lost last night," Cole said, "Summer Rae."

Summer started walking to the ring, wearing a skimpy dress and heels. She had a microphone in her hand.

"Shut up, Michael," JBL said, "Summer should be champion. Everyone knows that if Gabby wouldn't have curve stomped her head into the mat last night, Summer would be holding that title."

"Well, I guess we don't know what would have happened," Jerry said.

As soon as Summers theme silenced, AJ spoke.

"What the hell do you want?"

The crowd echoed her thoughts.

"You know why I'm out here," Summer said, then pointed to the Divas Championship, "Everybody in this building knows that if it weren't for Gabby, that would be mine right now."

"I agree!" JBL said, seeming to be the only one.

AJ frowned at her, then said in a baby voice, "Oh, I understand. You're out here to cry and complain about the fact that I pinned you last night."

AJ shrugged, "I shouldn't expect anything different coming from someone from the authority."

"I would watch what you say, AJ," Jerry muttered.

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