I was at Fort Benning for Tribute to the Troops. I, along with Dean and Roman, was heading to a training school they had here.

"Do you guys know who else is going to be there?" I asked the two boys as I drove towards the place.

"As long as it's not Bray Wyatt or Adam Rose, I'll be OK," Dean said from next to me.

I tapped the steering wheel, "Adam Rose isn't that bad, actually."

"Have you actually had a conversation with him?" Roman asked from the back.

I shrugged.

Before they could ask anymore, I exclaimed, "Look, we're here!"

All three of us headed over to the building together. We were led into a main room where a lot of soldiers were their, dressed in camouflage. Their were small rooms over to the side for some other types of training I figured.

"Oh, thank god," I said when I saw the two other wrestlers that were their was Dolph and Paige.

I led the way over.

"Gabby!" Paige exclaimed, "Thank god, I thought I was going to be all alone with this douche."

Dolph rolled his eyes in amusement, "And I thought I would be all alone with Ms. Talks A lot."

Paige crossed her arms before turning over to Roman and Dean, "Hey, bromance!"

"Hey, do you guys know if we are the only ones?" I asked Paige and Dolph.

"I believe their is six of us," Paige answered, "So it looks like theirs still one more."

"Please be someone I like," I begged to the heavens.

I suddenly noticed Paige looking over my shoulder.

"Well......." Paige started, "It's someone you............liked."

I followed her gaze.


"F*ck," I said out loud.

I noticed the same words come from Seth's mouth when he saw us.

"Well..." Paige said, "I'll go greet him," Paige skipped over.

Dolph suddenly chuckled, "Well this got really awkward real quick."

I looked over at the guys. Dean had suddenly gotten a really pissed off look on his face. Roman looked mad, but he was just looking at Deans experrison. The experrison that meant someone was about to die.

"Ok, who the hells idea was it to put Seth with us," I said.

"I don't know, but I think you three all need to calm down," Dolph said, "We're doing this for the soldiers, so you might want to keep Dean under control."

Dean didn't seem to hear him all.

"Hey, Deano," I poked Deans shoulder. He turned towards me, "Lets be professional alright. You can kill him another time."

I noticed Seth and Paige coming over.

"Alright, act casual," I said, grabbing Dean's hand for extra precaution.

Seth stayed a good few feet from us and started acting like we weren't their.

A general came walking over to us. I smiled at him.

"Hello, I see your all here," he said, "Today we were going to show you guys all the rooms we practice and we will also be showing you some simulations."

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