I pulled my suitcase behind me. Daniel walked by me with Brie and Nikki on the other side.

It was Tuesday night. Wednesday morning was the Wrestlemania Press Conference and I would be going along with Daniel and The Bellas. I didn't even know how to prepare myself for the crazy week ahead. Why I agreed to come to this Press Conference was beyond me.

"Do you get to do a speech?" Nikki asked me as we walked towards the airport. It would be a really late flight.

"Yes," I answered.

The Total Divas would be at the Press Conference, but they wouldn't be doing a speech. They were trying to promote their show I suppose. I would have a speech. I guess you could say I was representing the divas.

"I hate doing speeches," Daniel muttered.

"You're weird," Nikki laughed, "You're not nervous for Wrestlemania, but your nervous to talk in front of fifty people."

"I know," Daniel chuckled, "I'm doing what I love at Wrestlemania. Plus, I don't have to talk."

"That's true," Brie muttered.

"Yeah, but for Wrestlemania we are wrestling in front of 80,000 people and millions at home and that doesn't worry you?" Nikki asked.

"Not really," Daniel said as we got in the line to check our bags.

"Shut up, Nicole! You're making me more nervous!" I cried out.

Nikki laughed.

"It's not that bad," Brie assured, "Once you get out there all your worries go away. Trust me."

I tried to keep her words in my mind as we boarded the plane. I sat next to Nikki as Daniel and Brie sat next to each other.

This would be a long week.

I sat backstage, watching as Daniel did his speech. He chanted yes. No one chanted with him.

"Tough crowd," Brie said from behind me.

I turned around to face her, "I know if they aren't chanting with Daniel imagine them with everyone else."

"It's because they're just media people," Brie muttered, "Not real wrestling fans. They don't understand."

I nodded in agreement.

I was right after Daniel. Daniel came back from his speech.

"Good luck," Daniel said, "You're going to need it."

I nodded and started tapping my foot impatiently.

Cole came up to the microphone, "Ladies and Gentlemen, out next guest will be representing our divas. In less then a year she has become one of our most popular divas, she has joined one of the most dominate forced in WWE history, The Shield and this Sunday she will compete in an eight on eight tag team match. Please welcome, Gabby Bryan."

The crowd clapped as I came walking out. I was wearing black skinny jeans with black combat boots and a Shield shirt that covered my belly. My red hair was down in curls.

I stopped at the podium as the Shields music stopped, "Thank you, Michael, for the great introduction," I smiled at him.

I looked down at my outfit, "Sorry about the not dressing up factor, I figured that's what everyone's doing. Everyone will come out here wearing suits and dressing, but I'm not everyone to say the least. I like to do everything with my own style."

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